Santorini Wine Adventure: Winery Tour & Tastings

If you enjoy learning about and/or drinking wine, then taking a wine tour of Santorini is an experience you shouldn’t miss. Santorini boasts some of the oldest vineyards in Europe and long-established wineries over 100 years old. 


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Unique Wine Tour

My mother and I booked a Half Day Tour with Santorini Wine Adventure.  As a part of the tour, they picked us up from our hotel before departing to visit three wineries and vineyards.


santorini vinyard


The first step of the tour was to learn about the grape vines. This is one feature that makes a Santorini wine tour unique. The vines are wrapped in a basket shape and kept low to the ground. This is to help the grapes in the dry, windy climate.  They look very different than the typical vineyard.  Being a volcanic island, Santorini has a unique climate and soil combination that also leads to an unmatched taste in wine. 


Wineries Old and New

 We rode from winery to winery, at each of the locations we toured their facility and learned their production methods of great wine. Some of the newer wineries showed us high tech machinery, while the older facilities demonstrated the history of their productions over time. 


santorini wine tour


Our tour guide/wine expert spoke English well and was full of information, facts, and knowledge. Seeing how the wines were actually produced allowed me to appreciate the tastings even more. 


Wine Tasting

What would a wine tour would it be if we didn’t get to taste lots of wine? At each of the wineries, we were given thoughtfully paired cheeses and snacks. The pairings themselves allowed you to fully experience the wine.

In my expert drinking opinion, there are two kinds of wine in the world; the wines you enjoy and the wines you don’t. I also believe that with knowledge comes appreciation so this was a great educational experience


wine tasting


The three famous Santorini Wines:

  • Assyrtiko / Santorini Wine- Assyrtiko is the name of the local grape, a crisp white wine that must be a high-percentage of local Assyrtiko grapes to claim the name ‘Santorini Wine.’
  • Nykteri- The night harvest wine made, again, with the Assyrtiko grapes. It is then traditionally barrel-aged. Nykteri is meant to be enjoyed with food.
  • Vinsanto-A sweet dessert, sipping wine made with sun-dried grapes to keep the alcohol content lower and sugars higher. Great paired with blue cheese, something sweet, or on its own! I found this one to be the most memorable! 

Wine Fun Facts:

-Acidic wines increase our hunger

-White wines gain color as they age, red wines lose color as they age.

-The first week of August is harvest time in Santorini [if you want to come and harvest!]

-Greeks almost always have food when drinking.

-When pairing wines with food, a simple way is to pair regional foods with the region of the wine. For Santorini, that could be; seafood, fish, white eggplant, tomato, and goat cheese.

-Red tannin attacks proteins in dry wines; it will take the proteins out of our saliva. If you pair dry, tannic red wine with meat or high protein food, it reduces the dry and aggressive tannin experience on the palate.


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wine tour santorini



Santorini Wine Adventures offers several wine tour experiences. If you are interested in doing the same wine tour that we did, HERE is the direct link. I would happily do it again. While it is not exactly a budget-friendly experience, it was a great value for the money. Overall, it was easy going, informative, and delicious! Definitely, one of the best tours I have ever been on.

Let me know your favorite kind of wine in the comments below, I am still getting to know my wine pallet so I appreciate all your input!

[Greek for ‘Cheers!’]

  1. What a simple but beautiful blog you have. I have not visited Santorini yet. I have been elsewhere in Greece however my husband loves wine. We have never tried any Greek wine whilst visiting. The next time we visit hopefully next year I will make sure to include wine tasting on our itinerary!

    1. While Santorini was not my favorite place in Greece, the wine tasting was my favorite part of Santorini. Yamas and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh my goodness I want to go to a winery asap while I am in Europe!! This looks like such a great experience. Wine + Greece, what could be better? Thank you for sharing. Xoxo, S

    1. Sierra, I couldn’t agree more. There is no shortage of great wine in Europe, check it out!

  3. I never knew that Greece was also a wine producer! When I think of wine countries I usually think of France, Italy, US, South Africa, but never Greece. Looks like a great place to do some wine tasting!

    1. Hey Gabby, I think you’re right! Not many people think of Greece when they think of wine. It was a lovely surprise if I do say so myself!

  4. I love everywhere in Greece. I like Greek cuisine, it’s fresh and delicious. Mediterranean stuff is always good:)

    1. Gonca, fresh and delicious is the perfect way to put it! I loved eating my way through the country. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. What a great time!!! I had wine when I went to Italy but I bet the wineries were the best!!

    1. The wineries are what made me enjoy the wine so much. I hope you continue drinking wine around the world Tif, thanks for reading!

  6. I love going on wine tours when I am traveling. I had no idea that Greece was a wine producer though. I have tasted the Tuscan vinsanto and really like it. I wonder now how the Greek one tasstes like.

    1. Joanna, how exciting! You will have to come to Santorini to try the Vinsanto. I have a feeling that you would enjoy this tour. Yamas and happy travels.

  7. i have never been to Grrec but always wanted to visit..but when i go i make sure i take a wine tasting tour..looks quite tempting..thanks for all the info

    1. Ritika, I loved Greece and I believe that anyone can have a great experience there! I hope you are able to go soon and drink wine while you are there. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Greece isn’t typically known for its wine production but that has been changing in recent years. We’re actually starting to see Greek wines on restaurant menus now. It’s certainly a growing industry and a tour is a great idea for wine lovers!

    1. Nick, I agree! It sure is exciting to see the wine industry growing in Greece. And I am sure happy to support the growth myself, ha ha. Thanks for reading!

  9. My Wife, 2 sons and 1 daughter in law visited the Santo winery and did the tasting. If anyone is planning to go you must go there. It’s on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Beautiful is an understatement. The wine was awesome but the view was breathtaking.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ken, I couldn’t agree more. The beautiful scenery of the island really adds to the ambiance of the wine. Yamas and happy travels!

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