DIY Thai Boba Tea Recipe
I often get the craving for boba tea and boba shakes. There are many variations that you can make once you buy the tapioca pearls. This recipe is specifically for the bright orange Thai Boba Tea. Easy, Refreshing, and a tasty treat!
  1. First, you will want to cook the tapioca pearls, there should be instructions on the package you buy. Typically it involves boiling and cooling them.
  2. When the tapioca pearls are about finished, start to brew your tea or prepare it per your instructions. My tea calls for about 4 tablespoons of tea per cup of water. Once the tea is brewed, strain it over ice for cooling.
  3. Now it is tim to combine all of your ingredients. First I scoop the boba pearls into the glass, followed by the sweetened condensed milk. Personally, I don’t like ice in my drink with the boba so I strain the tea away from the ice. BONUS POINTS if you can find the thick straws to drink the boba pearls with, if not a spoon works just fine.
Recipe Notes

To make the tea, it is easy as long as you have access to the ingredients through a local Asian market or online. At my Asian market, there were more than ten options of pearls available for under $5USD.

You can additionally buy the loose-leaf Thai tea at the Asian Market. There are iced tea packets that already contain sweeteners and cream, or, you can buy the tea to brew and sweeten on your own. I prefer to do this and brew my own.