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Handmade, eco-friendly, washable and reusable napkins made with upcycled fabrics

Pricing is for a set of 2, reversible napkins.

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The main reason I have added these upcycled, reusable napkins to my shop is to provide an option of ECO-FRIENDLY padding for delicate items that I sell rather than using paper or plastics to protect them.

Please consider adding an order [or two]  to any glass purchases so that I can use them in packaging and shipping. ♥

My New Year’s resolution was to produce less waste. The main way I have found success in this is to reduce my single-use items in my life such as; paper towels, sandwich baggies, takeout containers,  etc. Many times that we reach for a paper towel or napkin, we could easily use cloth instead. These UPCYCLED, REUSABLE, WASHABLE, and REVERSIBLE napkins are meant to be a happy reward for making a more eco-conscious decision.

Pictured with Driftwood Flight Board

Not only do they help reduce household waste, but they are also made environmentally consciously. The fabrics are UPCYCLED pieces of curtains and bed sheets, purchased at thrift stores.  They have been given a new life to find their way into your home. Each one is handmade and stamped with The Things My Eyes Have Seen logo to remind you that I  personally appreciate you making this decision to use fabric, every time you use it. ♥

Pro Tip: Use these napkins while you COOK WITH ME; following my recipes gathered from my travels around the world. Or, sign up for the monthly newsletter to receive the recipe of the month directly to your inbox (along with discounts and fun facts- who knows what might get thrown in.)

Environmental Efforts

I go through extreme efforts to run this shop with minimal impact

      • Purchasing fabric secondhand at thrift stores
      •  Labeled with unwanted strings or ribbons and scrap paper
      • Eco-friendly packaging for shipping from EcoEnclose
      • Shipping goods contributes to environmental detriment; your shipping costs include a $3.00 donation to an organization/cause

✴{Reduce waste first | then Reuse what you can | properly Recycle what you can’t}✴

Instructions for Care:

      • Wash with normal laundry care and common sense. Inked logo for The Things My Eyes Have Seen is permanent but will fade over washes.

What ways are you reducing your waste and impact on the environment?

Let me know in the comments below

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Floral & Chevron, Blue Stripes & Red, Denim & Gold

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