♥ Coast to COASTERS ♥


Clear, resin coasters adorned with ‘treasures’ gathered on my travels: from ‘COAST TO COAST’ and around the world.

Unique, one of a kind, pieces made beautiful with the help of nature. 




When I am traveling, I love searching for ‘treasures’ as I explore nature; finding plants to press on hikes, beautiful stones to gather while beachcombing, and coming across random trinkets. [Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have spent time on treasure hunts with me.] These travel coasters are my artistic display of appreciation of this miraculous world and the small pieces of beauty I have found along the way.


Heading out to press flowers and play outside in Alaska ♥


When you display these coasters, you are showing a peek into a purely magical location, and one of the best moments of my life. I don’t just grab handfuls of rocks on the beach, I wait until I find something that stands out to me, that speaks to me. A treasure that stops me in my tracks.  They all tell their own stories. Which one speaks to you? 

Display them as pieces of coffee table art, use as travel inspiration for your next trip.. or even to commemorate your previous travels. Appreciate the small beautiful things in life and don’t forget to go explore the world! Find beautiful treasures all around you, no matter where you are. 

 ♥Pairs well with delicious beverages ♥

Read about some of the adventures I have had while gathering treasures around the world on my TRAVEL BLOG portion of the website.

Environmental Efforts

I go through extreme efforts to run this shop with minimal impact

      • Treasures are not purchased but found in nature or on travels
      • Choosing Art Resin as my resin source
      • Using reusable mixing containers, stirrers, and molds in production
      • Eco-friendly packaging and shipping

✴{Reduce waste first | then Reuse what you can | properly Recycle what you can’t}✴

What are some of your favorite treasures that you have found? 

Tell me about them in the comments below!


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