Upcycled Bottleneck Slides


These bottles were once enjoyed as a delicious beverage, now they can be used to create music. Upcycled from wine, spirit, or sometimes even beer bottles; these bottleneck slides produce unique sounds on stringed instruments. You may know the slide guitar from American blues music, but slides have been used on different instruments in many different cultures around the world.

Because these are upcycled bottles, availability is dependent on what people are currently drinking.  Each one is unique on how it fits, the length, and the sounds produced.

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Environmental Efforts

I go through extreme efforts to run this shop with minimal impact

      • Bottles gathered from my own drinking along with the help of family/friends 
      • The labels attached to the slides are made from un-used strips of paper from my planner. 
      • Strings that attach the labels to the slides are not bought new, but from thrift stores or received as donations

{Reduce waste first | then Reuse what you can | properly Recycle what you can’t}

Badass Usages of Slides:

Joanna Connor | Blues-Rock Slide Guitar

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band | Blues Slide Guitar

Led Zepplin | Rock Slide Guitar

John Butler Trio | Lap Steel Guitar

Debashish Bhattacharya | Indian Slide Guitar

Have you ever played with a slide?

What are some of your favorite slide guitar songs?

⇓ Let me know in the comments below ⇓

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Columbia Crest, Francis Copla, Michael David, Cote Des Roses, Jameson Whiskey, Big Gin, Nobilo, Barefoot Bubbly, Zen of Zin, Dark Horse Rose, Raven\'s Wood, Guenog, Apothic Red, Apothic Dark, Menage a Trois, Dark Horse Cab Sauv, Ste Chapelle

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