✵Upcycled Bottle Lights✵


One of a kind, upcycled light fixtures found in thrift stores.

Redesigned with glass bottles.

All fixtures are individually priced



Because I am a beer lover,  all things beer decor excite me. In the past, I had seen wine bottles being used often in home decor, but not as often; beer bottles or spirit bottles.  Each light fixture is strategically matched with pieces of glass bottles.

While creating these fixtures, I follow no rules or boundaries. I like to think that my inexperience in interior design allows me to create unique pieces that don’t follow typical lighting aesthetics. Each fixture is a piece of creativity, ingenuity, and lots of tinkering around.

Before purchasing: please consider buying a pair [or two] of REUSABLE NAPKINS to be used as eco-friendly packaging for shipping the delicate glassware. 


Environmental Efforts

I go through extreme efforts to run this shop with minimal impact

      • Purchasing old lighting from thrift stores, keeping all of the original parts that I can.
      • Using unused parts of the bottle for Beer Candles, Bottleneck Slides,  or as drinking glasses on my Driftwood Flight Boards.
      •  Labeled with unwanted strings or ribbons and scrap paper
      • Eco-friendly packaging for shipping from EcoEnclose
      • Shipping goods contributes to environmental detriment; your shipping costs include a $3.00 donation to an organization/cause

✴{Reduce waste first | then Reuse what you can | properly Recycle what you can’t}✴

Instructions for Care:

      • Recommended bulbs are listed for each light. You can find it in the description after you have made an initial light selection, choose energy efficient lighting that will fit the fixture.

What type of bottle would you like to see used in a light fixture?

⇓ Let me know in the comments below ⇓


Additional information

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SaltFire Wall Fixture 001, New Belgium Table Lamp 001

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