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Upcycled beer bottle candles, scented like the style of beer it once contained. 

Pricing is dependent on the size of the candle

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These craft beer candles are scented to resemble the beer that it once contained.

All scents are make my scents, taking the ingredients and infusing them into hot jojoba oil for 7-10 hours, then storing them with fresh ingredients in cold oil for a few weeks. Some of the ingredients I use include; beer hops and malts, fresh fruits, spices, herbs, teas, coffees, etc.

Many candles you see are heavily scented with chemicals and held in paraffin wax- these are very different. Therefore, the scents are lighter than their artificially and chemically scented counterparts. In the candle world there is the ‘hot throw’ and the ‘cold throw;’ referring to how scented a candle is when you smell it with the wax cold or heated. These candles do not have a strong cold scent. When heated they produce more of a scent but not the kind of scents that will fill a room like chemically scented candles will.

Environmental Efforts

I go through extreme efforts to run this shop with minimal impact

      • Bottles gathered from my own drinking along with the help of family/friends 
      • The top portions of the bottles are used for other projects or recycled
      • Wax – in and of itself is not considered eco-friendly. For now, I am using 100%  soy. Most soy in the USA is genetically modified and large scale produced, often depleting the soils for future growth as well. There is much debate on what is the best option for the environment.  I have opted OUT of beeswax which is often claimed to be eco-friendly by people who use it, but I disagree- read some reasons why.
      • No artificial colors
      • Eco-friendly packaging and shipping

✴{Reduce waste first | then Reuse what you can | properly Recycle what you can’t}✴

What style of beer do you think would make a great candle?

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