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When I plan a trip to a new place, I always start by thinking of the things that I would like to see, do, and experience while I am there. Creating a destination bucket list is the perfect way to get excited about your trip!
Here you will find my personal bucket list for the state of Oregon  [completed will be marked ✓] and an explanation as to WHY these are the items that I chose. 
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1- Portland

WHY: Of every ‘big city’ I have ever visited, Portland is my favorite. Why? Because even though it is an urban area, filled with people, the walkable neighborhoods of Portland contain quirky, local businesses and give a small-community feeling. Portland is split along both sides of the Columbia/Willamette river, boasting many bridges that connect the city and decorate the skyline. The food is incredible, the beer scene is fantastic, and the locals are genuine and friendly; eager to interact and socialize. I love traveling Portland, THIS IS A CITY WITH A PERSONALITY.

Visit Portland, Oregon Bucket List.


2- Drive Highway 101

WHY: The Oregon Coast is ONE OF THE MOST MAGICAL PLACES IN THE WORLD. I have driven the entirety of Oregon’s HWY 101 several times in the making of my Oregon Coast Brewery Guide and will probably drive it many more times in my lifetime. This is where the mountains meet the sea, the migrating whales dance in front of the sunset, the forests turn to sandy beaches, and large beach-rocks decorate the horizon. My favorite cities on the coast are; Astoria, Newport, Yachats, Bandon, and Brookings. StevieTheVagabond also recommends Yachats on his guest post; Oregon Bucket List- From A Local

Oregon Bucket List, Drive Highway 101


3- Hot Springs

WHY: The hot spring culture among locals is undeniable, probably because THEY ARE LOCATED ALL ACROSS THE STATE and offer a unique, soaking experience. Some are remote, hike-ins and others act as owned and operated businesses. The only hot spring I have experienced thus far; staying in an Airbnb** near Hot Lake; with a private bath hooked to the hot spring water to soak in under the stars.  Some of the other hot springs I hope to visit are; Umpqua Hot Springs, Bagby Hot Springs, and Crystal Crane Hot Springs.

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Oregon Bucket List, go to one of the hot springs.

4- Crater Lake National Park

WHY: Though Oregon is not lacking in any sort of natural beauty, Crater Lake National Park is the only National Park in the state. The DEEP BLUE WATER, NOTORIOUSLY CLEAR AND BEAUTIFUL is what drew me here in late spring. Due to the cold weather at the time, I explore the park by car but during the summer months, the park comes alive with hikers and tourism. 

Oregon Bucket List, crater lake national park


5- Drink Local Craft Beer

WHY: Here at The Things My Eyes Have Seen ♥ I love craft beer and try to experience the local craft beer scene everywhere I go. BEER IS A DRINK OF THE PEOPLE created by the people who live in the community you’re visiting. The Pacific Northwest has a phenomenal reputation for beer creation and enthusiasts of the craft. I visited every brewery on the Oregon Coast and wrote a full guide, but the other great destinations for beer tourism are Bend, Portland, Eugene, Corvallis, and Hood River. StevieTheVagabond also recommends Corvallis on his guest post; Oregon Bucket List- From A Local

Oregon Bucket List, Drink Craft Beer


6- Painted Hills

WHY: From the first time I saw a photo of the Painted Hills, I knew I had to try to go! This National Monument contains STUNNING STRIPES AND FOSSIL BEDS; colors of tans, reds, and oranges decorate these hills in a way that I have never seen anywhere else. There are walking paths and boardwalks to explore, wildflower blooms in the springtime, and vistas to awe at. StevieTheVagabond also recommends it on his guest post; Oregon Bucket List- From A Local

Painted Hills; Oregon Bucket List from a local. Written by Steve the Vagabond for The Things My Eyes Have Seen


7- Sand Dunes

WHY: Driving through Florence on the coast for the first time, I stopped at the store. Pulling into the parking lot, I noticed enormous dunes reaching to the parking lot and HWY 101. Stretching South towards Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area these PALE, SHIFTING SAND DUNES cover a long section of the coast and act as a recreation destination for many. I cannot wait until I get a chance to go and play in the sand. Check out this great ‘Local’s Guide to the Oregon Dunes‘ for information and inspiration!Oregon Bucket List, Sand Dunes


8- Experience Legal Cannabis

WHY: In the state of Oregon, the RECREATIONAL USE OF CANNABIS IS PERMITTED to those with a valid ID and are over the age of 21. Dispensaries have popped up in many places across the state. Every state who allows recreational use of marijuana is a little different and I enjoy comparing them. I hope to explore many more of the dispensaries, or even take a cannabis tour as I did in Denver.Legal Cannabis in Oregon | Oregon Bucket List


9- Willamette Valley

WHY: Willamette Valley is a stretch of beautiful, fertile, green land that is filled with wineries. Nestled between mountain ranges, MOST OF THE STATE’S WINE IS PRODUCED HERE with Pinot Noir being the main focus. There are different routes and ways to experience the Wineries in Willamette Valley and a sought after tourist destination for Oenophiles. I hope to drink my way through the Valley and expand my knowledge of wine.

Willamette Valley | Oregon Bucket List


10- Stay in Yurts

WHY: I love camping in the PNW but sometimes a tent isn’t ideal. Yurts are a great way to have an AFFORDABLE AND UNIQUE STAY IN NATURE. Besides the Yurt Airbnb** listed above, located at the hot springs, I have also stayed at Yurts in Oregon State Parks. During the summertime, these yurts fill up well in advance but if you are going in the spring or fall they are easier to secure. Some of my favorites are; Harris Beach State Park and Devils Lake State Recreation Area. 

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Stay in a yurt | Oregon Bucket List


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