Complete BREWERY GUIDE to the Oregon Coast

Welcome to the COMPLETE BREWERY GUIDE to the entire Oregon Coast.

That is right, there was PLENTY of beer enjoyed in the making of this guide as I planned two separate trips up and down the Oregon coast in order to visit every single brewery. [It was one of the things on my Oregon Bucket List after all…]

Yet, after going to countless breweries around the world, I have found that visiting a brewery is more than just drinking beer.

To be quite frank, incredible beer exists all over the state of Oregon and you easily can find a great local selection at beer-focused shops and bars.

The real reason to go out of your way to visit a brewery is for the experience;

the location, the people that make it possible, AND, of course, the beer.

Rather than just talking about the beer made by these breweries, this guide will help you to choose breweries that are the best fit for your own experience.


Brewery Guide to the Oregon Coast



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Why Drink Local While Traveling?

I am a believer that craft beer is a drink of the people; made by the people and for the people.

When traveling to a destination, there is nothing better than experiencing it from behind a pint glass filled with local beer. 

Beer is an amazing combination of art and science, incredible brewers exist everywhere. Drinking beer made by passionate people in the community you’re in is a powerful connection to the locals and their home.


How to Use this Guide:

This guide is meant to help my fellow beer lovers choose the breweries to squeeze into your trip along the Oregon Coast.

Believe me, choosing will be the hardest part because drinking beer will be easy!

Where in Oregon will you be traveling? For the purpose of ease in using this guide, it was divided into three separate sections.  

Northern Coast:  Astoria to Pacific City – 15 breweries


Central Coast:  Lincoln City to Florence – 11 breweries


Southern Coast: Reedsport to Brookings – 7 breweries




Each Brewery Listing Will Include:

          • About the ambiance and experience of visiting the brewery along with some background information
          • Info on the Beer that they make and the brews I was able to try
          • What kind of food is available (and IF there is food available)
          • Availability for Outdoor seating
          • WIFI
          • If Minors Are Allowed
          • Days that brewery is closed


Have you been to any breweries on the Oregon Coast?

What do YOU look for when you visit a brewery?

Let me know in the comments below ↓

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