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Welcome to the Travel Nevada Bucket List!

When I plan a trip to a new place, I always start by thinking of the things that I would like to see, do, and experience while I am there. A destination bucket list is the perfect way to get excited about your future adventures! Here you will find my personal bucket list for the state of Nevada [completed will be marked ✓] and an explanation as to WHY these are the items that I chose. 

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Travel Nevada Bucket List - go and read more about WHY these are on my travel bucket list. Read more at The Things My Eyes Have Seen

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1- Valley of Fire

WHY: I have driven by the turnoff to Valley of Fire many times. Driving from my home state of Utah to Las Vegas on I-15, it takes you right by. Never have I stopped. I am a sucker for BEAUTIFUL, RED, DESERT LANDSCAPES and the photos I see of Valley of Fire State Park make me daydream of wandering the landscape myself. There are hikes, camping available, or you can pay the entrance fee and spend the day driving around. 

Nevada Bucket List; Valley of Fire State Park. Read more at The Things My Eyes Have Seen

2- Viva Las Vegas  ✓

WHY: You can’t talk about Nevada and not talk about Las Vegas. As I travel the world, it surprises me how many people often ask about Las Vegas. This is a place that everyone wants to visit! The wild reputation of this FANTASY CITY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT is undeniable. I have been to Las Vegas countless times; check out my 10 Best Experiences I’ve Had in Las Vegas which inspired THIS recipe too.

Nevada Bucket List: Visit Las Vegas. Read more at The Things My Eyes Have Seen

3- Drink Local Craft Beer

WHY: If you are new around here at The Things My Eyes Have Seen ♥ I love craft beer and try to experience the local craft beer scene everywhere I go. BEER IS A DRINK OF THE PEOPLE created by the people who live in the community you’re visiting. While I have had several craft brews in Nevada and from Nevada, I aim to visit the breweries. Henderson is marked on the map for this as they have a great selection.  Nevada Bucket List: Drink Local Craft Beer. Read more at The Things My Eyes Have Seen

4- Seven Magic Mountains

WHY: A COLORFUL ART INSTALLATION by Ugo Rondinone, Seven Magic Mountains are colorful towers of rocks that extend towards the sky in the desert. All over Instagram; it was meant to be available for two years has now been extended to view through 2021. A short drive from Las Vegas, see it while you can!

Nevada Bucket List: Seven Magic Mountains. Read more at The Things My Eyes Have Seen

5- Great Basin National Park

WHY: Mountains, caves, ancient trees, fishing, hiking, and night-sky-viewing; Great Basin National Park sounds like paradise. Traveling to National Parks is one of my favorite ways to travel and the DIVERSE OUTDOORS EXPERIENCE allowed here makes me want to visit all the more. 

Nevada Bucket List; Great Basin National Park Read more at The Things My Eyes Have Seen

6- Extraterrestrial Highway

WHY: A little known fact about me; I love the weird, the unexplained, and the paranormal. The hours of interviews and accounts I have listened to on podcasts makes me appreciate this QUIET HIGHWAY NEAR AREA 51 that caters tourism to those UFO and alien lovers like me. 

Nevada Bucket List: Extraterrestrial Highway. Read more at The Things My Eyes Have Seen

7- Cathedral Gorge

WHY: The reds, whites, and oranges that appear in cathedral spires at Cathedral Gorge State Park tempt me to plan a camping trip. Walking around these features makes the photographer in me and the curious adventurer come alive. The entrance fee allows you to walk around and stay for the day. Or, if it isn’t the heat of summer, could be a great place to pitch your tent! 

Nevada Bucket List: Cathedral Gorge. Read More at The Things My Eyes Have Seen

8-  See Wild Horses

WHY: I can’t lie, I love the wild west. There is something about wild horses that assists in the romanticism of the OLD COWBOY CULTURE. I would love to see one of the many herds in Nevada. According to Only In Your State, the Virginia Range between Reno and Virginia City is the best place to spot them.

Nevada Bucket List; See Wild Horses. Read more at The Things My Eyes Have Seen

9- Legal Cannabis

WHY: In the state of Nevada, recreational use of Cannabis is permitted to those with a valid ID and are over the age of 21. Dispensaries have popped up in many places across the state. Every state who allows recreational use of marijuana is a little different and I enjoy comparing them. I hope to explore many more of these, especially the ‘high end’ dispensaries in Las Vegas, or even take a cannabis tour like I did in Denver.

Nevada Bucket List; Legal Cannabis/Marijuana. Read more at The Things My Eyes Have Seen

10- Elko

WHY: I must admit, I have driven through Elko with no intention of stopping. I had never had a reason to visit until I learned of the NATIONAL COWBOY POETRY GATHERING that happens there every year. Remember how I said that I love cowboy culture? I couldn’t help but add the whole experience together to my Nevada Bucket List!

Nevada Bucket List; Visit Elko. Read more at The Things My Eyes Have Seen

What do you think of this Bucket List?

What would be on YOUR Nevada Bucket List?

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  1. What a great idea! You’re right, no matter which country I go to people ask about Las Vegas. The landscapes in Nevada truly are amazing. I think craft breweries are a great way to get a feel for a city and I love visiting them too.

    1. I hope you have a pint for me on your next adventure Annick, thank you for reading. Cheers!

  2. The legal cannabis caught my attention, however, the place is killer. I would love to do a road trip to Nevada when in States. The beautiful highway, national park, wild horses, and more – will surely make my holiday memorable.

    1. What a dream right? Thanks for reading and wanderlusting with me Shreya. Happy travels!

  3. Wow what a lovely tour of Nevada. I remember this place from the NFS-2 game that I used to play in school. The seven mountains. the wild horses, the cathedral gorge- each and every one of these look special and worth visiting Nevada for.

    1. Wow Sinjana that sounds like a game I would love to play now, lol. I hope someday you can make it! Happy travels

  4. Nevada in so many ways echoes the beauty of the Wild West, so to say. It never fails to capture my imagination. Have been to Vegas and loved it. Would hope to visit the extra-terrestrial highway given my interest in all things paranormal including aliens and UFO’s. And of course, seeing wild horses there would be a beautiful sight.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Sandy. It really does capture the spirit of the old Wild West. I hope we are BOTH able to visit the extra terrestrial highway some day. Cheers and happy travels! ❤

  5. Great Basin National Park was quite cool….especially the Lehman Caves….easily one of the coolest cave systems we have ever explored. WOW!

    1. EEK! What a dream! I cannot wait until I can go myself. Thanks for the input ❤ happy travels!

  6. Wow! You got to do a Cannabis tour!? I don’t smoke but I’m so jealous! They’re becoming so normal now. I’m thinking of doing one on my next trip to Colombia, they’re also doing them in Jamaica now too I heard.

    1. I think that Cannabis tourism is a great way to experience cannabis for both seasoned users and those who are new or curious. It is definitely something to consider. Thanks for reading Daniel! Cheers ❤

  7. It was so cool that there are ao many place sto see in Nevada other than Las Vegas. Tasting their local craft beer and food would be awesome. Then head back to Las Vegas for partying 🙂

    1. I think that you have planned a great itinerary right there! Thanks for reading Blair and happy travels ❤

  8. I actually want to do all the bucket lists of Nevada that you mentioned here. All of them seem so interesting. Nevada is such a beautiful place. It has such beautiful landscapes – Cathedral gorge, the Great Basin National Park are all so beautiful. And I would love to see the wild horses! Thanks for sharing this wonderful bucket list.

    1. Thank you Amrita and Agni for reading- I hope you are able to go and experience them for yourself. Cheers and happy travels ❤

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