My 420 Tours: Buds & Beer in Denver

There are two things in life that I love that Denver, Colorado does exceptionally: craft beer and cannabis. Fresh off the plane from Europe, I was eager to experience both of these things while visiting Colorado.  My 420 Tours invited me to join them on a sponsored tour of, what I would say, is the ultimate way to experience Denver: Buds & Beers: Grow & Brewery Tour. This Denver ‘weed tour’  was the HIGHlight of my time in the ‘Mile HIGH City.’ 

↓ Check out the experience in a one minute whirlwind ↓


Getting The Party Started

All aboard the 420-Friendly Party Bus,a  funky smoking lounge (on wheels) to take you around Denver! Lined with plush, silver seats that wrap limousine-style around the bus; allowing you to easily socialize with everyone and pass a joint around. 

My 420 Tours, a cannabis tour in Denver, Colorado

My 420 Tours, a cannabis tour in Denver, Colorado

The bus really sets the mood for the tour: purple lighting, music playing in the background, joint-rolling trays, and snacks and water bottles stocked within an arm’s reach (my favorite touch.)  Our group was small, with 11 of us on the bus along with Nick and Gage, our ‘Cannabis Counselors’ [I couldn’t resist. Read: knowledgeable tour guides.]

*Pro Tip:  You can’t take your pre-purchased cannabis into dispensaries or the grow house, but you CAN bring it on the bus to enjoy en route! There are various pipes and grinders on board for you to use, bring along your lighter and toking supplies. 


First Stop: Grow House

Visiting the Universal Herbs growing facility nearly acted as a foreplay for the rest of our 420 experience. Their facility allows you to see the entire growth process from a  ‘baby-plant’ all the way up to the harvested nugs.  You will see and smell the different plants and strains, have the opportunity to ask questions, and tour several of their grow rooms.

Universal Herbs, my 420 tours. In denver, colorado. Tour a dispensary

Universal Herbs, my 420 tours. In denver, colorado. Tour a dispensary

Universal Herbs, my 420 tours. In denver, colorado. Tour a dispensary

This portion of the tour is packed with information that will give you a greater sense of appreciation while smoking. They also give you an exclusive list of savings for participating in the tour to use  at their dispensary [the next stop.] 

*Pro Tip:  Generally, all of the dispensaries have their own grow facilities where they grow their product. Different facilities care more or less about the quality or treatments used.  All cannabis has to be tested and approved before it is sold to a consumer to ensure safety, but this is why it is valuable to learn about where your weed comes from. 




After learning about the cultivation of cannabis, you should be enthusiastic about visiting the dispensaries. Upon arriving at the Universal Herbs dispensary, you will meet with one of their bud-tenders to assist you with your purchase. They are knowledgeable and can match you with a strain that meets your desires and needs. Plus, you will have the option to use  extra savings provided with the tour! I ended up choosing Gummies and a pre-rolled joint after chatting with the bud-tender. 

Universal Herbs, my 420 tours. In denver, colorado. Tour a dispensary


From there you will move on to your second dispensary, The Green Solution. While the first dispensary was smaller and more intimate, this second one feels more like shopping in a HIGH-end store. You will still have your friendly bud-tender, but it also has a small novelty shop and large displays to wander while you wait for your turn. I had more than enough cannabis goods for my weekend in Denver, therefore I only purchased a lip balm and lighter at this second dispensary. 

Green Solutions, my 420 tours. Denver colorado

*Pro Tip:  The first dispensary was cash only, the second did accept credit/debit card. There was an atm both at the departure location for the tour and in the cash-only dispensary.  If you do not plan to buy anything, you can choose to wait on the bus OR you can join another group who plans to purchase something and tag along.



Ending With: Beer

Of the hundreds of breweries that seem to be in Denver, it was a fun surprise to end up at Brewability Lab.  They boast an incredible business model, all started by a prior special education teacher. The brewery is now an opportunity to employ and provide skills for adults with special needs. Things are done a little different here, but I promise you will like it! 

Brewability Lab, a brewery in Denver, Colorado.

Brewability Lab, a brewery in Denver, Colorado.

At Brewability we were given beer samples of their fresh brews and a brief tour of the brewery. The whole  process of brewing was explained and we saw and smelled the hops. I love craft beer, I still learned a lot of new things on the tour! Trust me, you will want to get a full pint of beer. 



Overall Review:

I am usually picky about tours; I like engaging and interactive tours that allow me to learn new things. This is one of the best tours I have ever been on, I had a great time! You can book your own tour at My 420 Tours website, they offer several different types of tours and even 420 friendly accommodation in Denver. I can’t wait to go back and try the Sushi and Joint rolling class they offer. They are truly pioneers in the field of Cannabis Tours, their passion shows and you are guaranteed to learn something new along the way. 


denver weed tour


Final Pro Tips:
  • Getting There: They ask you to arrive early for the class so plan accordingly. While it is possible to reach the tour departure location from the train on public transportation and walking from the train stop  (I did ) I would recommend using Uber/Lyft if you don’t have a car. They can be a bit hard to find using GPS, but they send you specific directions with your booking confirmation.
  • Identification: You must be over the age of 21 with proper verification. For US citizens, a passport or non-expired driver’s licenses will suffice if they are turned horizontally (vertically turned are not accepted.) For non citizens, you will need to use a passport as identification. Lastly, paper IDs were not accepted for the tour.
  • Camera/phone: You are permitted to take photos on the tour. Trust me, you will want to take selfies with endless rows of cannabis plants and smoking a joint on the bus!


Thank you so much to  My 420 Tours for sponsoring this tour, I genuinely enjoyed every second of the experience. Thank you also to Nick and Gage for their passion and knowledge while being our tour guides. All photos and opinions are genuine and my own. I would go back to take their tours again in a heartbeat!

Let me know in the comments below if you would ever consider doing a tour like this: 


  1. Loved it! Would love to go there someday and take a tour! looks like such a cool place

    1. I am already ready to head back and try another one, next time let’s do it together!

  2. Welcome to CO! Next time take a pit stop to Colorado Springs! You will find tons of breweries that never disappoint! We surpassed Denver as the #2 spot to live in the US!

    1. Alisha, I still haven’t made it to Colorado Springs- thanks for the advice! I love breweries <3 Thank you for stopping by, Taylor

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