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This post is for my fellow Beatles Fans out there. Something about London made my Beatlesmania truly come alive. My initial inspiration to visit England was the Beatles, after all.  I hope I am Not Guilty of overdoing the Beatles references for this piece.  While I could continue making Beatles references 8 Days a Week, l couldn’t Carry That Weight of making you read them all. So, I’ll just Let it Be with a few tips on visiting the Abbey Road Zebra Crossing, home of Abbey Road Studios [and the iconic photo location of the Beatles’ Abbey Road record.] 


Beatles Halloween Costume recreation of Abbey Road

Disclosure: For copyright purposes, I did not put the actual  Abbey Road Crossing Beatles’ photo. In place, here is an Abbey Road recreation during one of my times visiting Portland, Oregon. It was for Halloween; I dressed the part of John Lennon with my fellow Beatles loving friends. 

Where to Start: St John’s Wood Tube Station & Beatles Coffee Shop

This is the closest tube station to the actual Abbey Road crossing.  There is a Beatles Coffee Shop located here on the street corner with themed goods (see below.)  *PRO-TIP* If you plan to take a recreation photo, AND you want a beverage at the coffee shop, drink it there or wait until you return to the station. The crossing is an extremely short walk, you won’t be able to finish it before you arrive. So, unless you want it in your photo recreation with you, you will want to make this a stop.


Beatles Themed Coffee Shop, London England

Walking to the Abbey Road Studios & Zebra Crossing

Abbey Road is a fully functioning road that is full of cars and busses, not particularly eager to stop and wait for you to pose for photos. As a warning, I saw several people nearly get hit by cars as they walked into traffic without hesitation for their photo opt. So be careful and Get Back! 

Now it is important to give your acknowledgments to the Abbey Road studios too, as this is where the Beatles would Come Together to make musical magic. I loved walking the same steps that some of my idols had walked. There are many additional Beatles locations you could easily add on to your trip.  But From Me to You, I would suggest that every person who has heard of the Beatles should go  Because of how iconic it is.  

 Beatles Abbey Road Crossing Photo Recreation in London, England.

*Pro Tip: It can be hard to get a good shot of you crossing the street. Try shooting a video that you can take screenshots from later instead of taking pictures. If you want a great photo of just you on the crosswalk, you will have to go during slower times of the day. Pedestrians and cars regularly frequent this crosswalk.

Secret Spot: Sir Paul McCartney’s London Home 7 Cavendish Avenue, London

I must admit that I felt a bit like a stalker finding Sir Paul’s London home. However, with it being just a short walk from the zebra crossing, you can’t miss it. Who knows? Maybe you will catch him during his time in London. 

It is located on A Long and Winding Road  [well, more of a simple, quiet street] that feels just as normal as any other posh, London neighborhood.   I saw a cat run across the road as we neared his home, is that his cat?  Ok,  so maybe being a bit of a fangirl. But this is the man I saw in concert and cried for two hours straight.  If you are a crazed Beatles lover, take the extra walk to visit his home.

Paul McCartney's House in London, England.

Is it just me, or can you imagine him sitting on the window ledge singing Yesterday to all of the passersby?

I hope that this post has inspired you to find yourself…    Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun. If the sun don’t come you get a tan from standing in the English rain.’ – I Am the Walrus  

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Visit Abbey Road in London England, read for tips and tricks for a Beatles experience

Comment Below with your favorite Beatles Song, or your favorite thing to do in London. Mine is Norwegian Wood right now… or maybe Rocky Racoon. By the time you read this, it will have probably changed.


  1. “Within you without you” is my favorite Beatles song ❤️😊

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