Travel Locations & Experiences

How do we even begin to choose our travel locations?


Sometimes we are drawn to a particular aspect of the culture.  Maybe it is the language, a monument, or its history; perhaps even off of someone else’s recommendation. Whilst there are other times that we feel an nearly in-explainable pull towards a place.


My method for traveling is to pick a location I would like to visit, then figure out how to make it happen.


When I reflect on The Things My Eyes Have Seen and the incredible places I’ve been, I cannot begin to pick a favorite;

Every landscape holds its own beauty.

Each city has characteristics that make it unique.

All cultures have something to teach you.


I am not here to tell you what you should or should not do; I can only tell you what I chose to do and why.  You will only have a memorable experience if  YOU hold personal value for what you are doing.

Don’t go to cities only to see the landmarks on postcards. There is so much more to a place than the ‘must see’ locations in travel guides. Give yourself a chance to meet the people, experience the culture, and all that makes this location unique. 

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