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How do we even begin to choose our travel locations?

The world is so big and beautiful, it seems to me that travel fantasizes build up faster than people can get out and see the world. How do we decide where to go when we finally have that time to travel?

Sometimes we are drawn to a particular aspect of the culture.  Maybe it is the language, a monument, or its history; perhaps even off of someone else’s recommendation/inspiration. Whilst there are other times that we feel a nearly in-explainable pull towards a place. Follow that pull- wherever it takes you.

dancing in kenya
My first international trip: Kenya 2012

Let Me Tell You A Secret…

Every landscape holds its own beauty.

Each city has characteristics that make it unique.

All cultures have something to teach you.

There are amazing people EVERYWHERE


Attitude is EVERYTHING

You have the opportunity to make every day the new best day of your life or to get stuck in your comfort zone. The choice is yours, no matter where in the world you are. I hope you live a life that makes you feel fulfilled and curious. I hope you explore your curiosities. 

im on a boat
Alaska, loving life.


Don’t go to cities only to see the landmarks on postcards. There is so much more to a place than the ‘must see’ locations in travel guides. Give yourself a chance to meet the people, experience the culture, and all that makes this location unique.

Explore your hometown, visit cities you have never heard of, take that hike, go see the world.

Use the ⇑ Top Menu ⇑ to navigate regions of the world

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