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Sharing meals is what brings us together

Food holds traditions, memories, and nostalgia to people all around the world. It’s just as much rooted in culture as location; you can see the history and culture of people by experiencing their food and drink.

There is an old phrase of ‘breaking bread’ with others. Traditionally, this meant actually tearing a piece of bread off to share with someone. It is a phrase that I still love to use in regards to the hospitality shown when someone invites you to share a meal with them.

The idea of sharing food is likely as old as humanity. When I arrive in a new country, the food experiences are something I am always excited for. Sharing recipes from around the world was one of the primary drives for starting this website.

I love trying local dishes, gathering recipes, taking cooking classes, and sharing both the kitchen and the dining table with new friends. 

You can use the Menu to Navigate to recipes, food experiences or drink experiences. In addition, you can just go to the location you are interested in reading about to find area-specific items. Once you find a recipe, you can click on ‘courses’ or ‘cuisines’ to find similar items.

I hope you enjoy ♥