Dulse SEAWEED BEER in Northern Ireland

Have you ever heard of Dulse? I hadn’t until I visited Northern Ireland. Dulse is a red seaweed harvested that can be harvested on the North Coast of Ireland. It can be eaten fresh, but it is usually dried. After locals hyping up the fact that I ‘have to try dulse,’ I was excited to hear that Lacada Brewery released a Dulse Seaweed Stout. It was the perfect way for me to finally try dulse. 

Drinking Dulce Seaweed Beer in Northern Ireland. Lacada Brewery makes Shore, a delicious and unique stout.

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Discovering Lacada Brewery

I tried Lacada beer the first day I arrived in Portrush, Northern Ireland. Because I was planning to spend a few months in Portrush, I wanted to dive in to the craft beer scene. I found myself at Kiwi’s, my favorite pub in Portrush, where I met  Sam (seen below.) Sam was the knowledgable bartender that evening. I told him of my love for dark beer and that I was seeking a local one.  That night I chose Lacada Brewery’s Stranded Bunny Porter (which is no longer in production.) 

It was love at first sip. After that, I drank Lacada beer whenever I could. They are based there in Portrush, and brew delicious beers that are often named after local landmarks.  Sam, the bartender that first night at Kiwi’s, is now one of my BFFs: Beer Friends Forever, good one Sam! I am grateful you encouraged me to drink Lacada.

bushmills distillery, northern ireland

Laccada Brewery, Portrush, Northern Ireland


Drinking Dulse Seaweed Beer

Lacada’s Dulse Stout is called SHORE and was a beautiful collaboration beer with several brewers. I assumed that I would love the beer, because I loved everything Lacada did. On the beer’s description on their website, it states;


We want it to make people think and taste the SHORE, salt spray, driftwood bonfire……hooo, yea…in a beer.  

This was the moment to see what passionate brewers can do with a locally found ingredient. YUM! It was chocolately, malty, sweet, and salty. Rather than tasting the sea, you get a slight salt. It nearly reminds me of eating a rich, dark chocolate and sea salt bar.

Lacada Brewery, Dulce Seaweed Sout Beer. Northern Ireland.

Lacada Brewery, Dulce Seaweed Sout Beer. Northern Ireland.


Eating Dulse

Because there were so many mixed reactions around the taste of dulse, I decided to taste it on its own prior to drinking it in beer. I convinced my partner at the time, Adam, to eat it with me. He already knew he didn’t like it, but he was a good sport. We filmed ourselves for the reaction.  Check it out for laughs ⇓

SPOILER ALERT:  I was not a fan. If I could play around with it in the kitchen, I could probably find a good way to use it as an ingredient. However, on its own, it feels like you are eating goldfish food. Bleh.  It is one of the only foods I have had to spit out!


Drinking Dulse in the form of a beer was definitely what I prefered, even loved! (I will probably get another one tomorrow.)

SHORE Dulse Stout is one of the most unique beers I have ever had. Would you be interested to try it?

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  1. I will never be eating it again lol but everyone should def try it once!

    1. You may change your mind when you try drinking it!

  2. Had never heard of Dulse seaweed before but your post has been very informative, it has roused my curioisty for sure.

    1. Well, if you ever find yourself in Ireland, give it a try! Thanks for reading Bhavi and happy travels!

  3. I have never heard of Dulse seaweed before, and never ever heard of drinking seaweed, but the way you described that beer, I might want to try and drink it 😉 Sounds too good!

    1. Louise, the beer is by far the way to go. I hope one day you can enjoy it yourself! Thanks for reading <3

  4. I’ve never heard of Dulse before, and by your post, not sure whether I want to try it! Still, when in Ireland, if I see it, I will try it!

    1. I think that is the right attitude to have, why not? Right? Cheers!

  5. Damn, I’m intrigued! With these diametrically opposed opinions on the Web, I definitely should try it, both drink and eat! Thanks for letting me kniw!

    1. Cheers Ivan, I hope if you do try it that you enjoy it! Happy travels x

  6. It does not sound tasty at all. And a beer that Dulse in it? Sounds gross! ahaha
    I’m like the most pickiest beer drinker in the world, so no stories from about trying unique beers unfortunately.

    1. Ha ha, well we like what we like and there is no harm in that. Seaweed beer probably isn’t the best first step into crazy beers, but it was worth it! Happy travels Amber!

  7. I’m not very experimental with my beers–I always drink the same one or two–but I would try the Dulse just to have tried it!

    1. Tracey, I think life is too short not to at least try it, right? That is a GREAT attitude, happy travels!

  8. I always like learning about unique food products. This one sounds interesting to try…even if its just once 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading Chef Mireille; I have to agree, who knows you may enjoy it more than you think! Happy travels x

  9. I like dried sea weed. However, I’m not so sure of dulse, given it sounds as if it was moist, since I’m not really a fan of slimy textures. But would certainly be up for trying it once.

    1. Denny, this was exactly my opinion. It wasn’t as much slimy as it was chewy, but still not what I wanted! I think I will stick to my dried seaweed. Happy travels!

  10. Sounds like quite an interesting drink you’ve sampled there. I’m a big fan of seaweed, but it sounds like it’s not that great a drink based on what you’ve said there. Nevertheless, I’m always up for an adventure by trying local cuisines, so I’ll definitely give dulse a shot when I’m in the area!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nathan, I quite enjoyed it but it may not be for everyone. That is the best way to know the culture, in my opinion, to try the local cuisine! Enjoy your travels and thanks for reading x

  11. Oh god, only in Ireland! 😀 Shout out to your courage and dedication to the experiment 😀

    1. Ha ha, it was something I was more than happy to do for those who wouldn’t like to try it themselves. Who knows, maybe you will try it one day too! Happy travels x

  12. I am not a beer girl, but this sounds super interesting…Lol I haven’t been to Northern Ireland yet, but I so want to!

    1. Sierra, it is one place I continue to return to. Call it what you will, I love that place and couldn’t encourage you more to go yourself! Even if you aren’t a beer girl! x Happy travels

  13. Never heard about it but it must taste so good, we love seaweed so that one has to be similar 😀
    Great post!

    Patricia & Miguel

    1. I love seaweed too, I hope one day you can try SHORE or something similar. Cheers and happy travels Paricia and Miguel!

  14. Pretend they’re kale chips 😄. I’ve had salted and sugared seaweed. They were ok actually. So long as it’s clean, right? Plus, you can make it into a fruit smoothie. Hmmn. Something to try in Eire, then.

    1. Kemi; I think if I tried to work with it I would have found a way to enjoy it, next time right? Ha ha, I hope one day you can try it yourself! Thanks for visiting, happy travels!

  15. Wow, this is truly interesting. I heard about seaweed and I’ve tried it befor, but not the color red seaweed or they call it Dulse. I have not heard about this one before and for me who have tried a seaweed before might one to try this one as well. I couldn’t imagine drinking the seaweed wine, it must be really an amazing experience. If I get the chance to go to Ireland, I will surely try this.

    1. LaiAriel; I encourage you to take the chance if you get it, Ireland is a great place. Plus, they have more options than just seaweed to eat [and drink] too! Happy travels x

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