5 Reasons Corfu is the BEST Greek Island

While living in Greece for 3 months, I spent most of my time on the island of Corfu. There are countless incredible Greek islands that have different primary attractions. Depending on what you are looking for in a holiday to Greece,  there is an island out there for you. Here are 5 REASONS Corfu is the BEST Greek Island and why you should consider it for your holiday.


lemons in greece


1- Something For Everyone

Corfu is a diverse travel destination that nearly everyone can enjoy. The island itself is located west of Greece’s mainland, looking across to Albania and accessible from Italy.  It is one of the larger Greek islands and is very green and lush with olive-clad mountains and cypress groves.


Agios Gordios


There are beautiful beaches with aquamarine, crystal clear water alongside sleepy fishing villages.   Corfu Town is lined with Parisian styled streets and Venetian architecture; filled with cafesshops, and nightlife. There is also no shortage of rural countryside boasting walking paths and wineries.  Water activities like kayaking, fishing, swimming, boat trips, scuba diving, snorkeling, or even just sunbathing are readily available in the hot, Greek summer and the offseason is quieter and cooler. 


2- Most Incredible Sunsets in the WORLD

As a sunset chaser, this is a big deal to announce a place to have the best sunsets. I have watched the sunset in many places around the world that are famous for sunsets. Even the Greek island of Santorini is better known for sunsets, but Corfu was more impressive, hands down. 


Greece Sunset



Corfu has consistently spectacular sunsets. Every single day for three months, I watched the sunset with a glass of wine, reading a book, or doing yoga. It felt sinful to miss out on it. 

3- Fun to Navigate

Maybe easy isn’t the right word when it comes to navigation around the island, but ‘fun’ is more appropriate. In the summertime,  busses are reliable connect to many villages. Granted if you are renting a car, reaching remote beaches and such may be easier but traffic and parking around Corfu town will be very difficult. Taxis will be quite expensive and be sure to negotiate your rate before you go.


atv corfu


My favorite ways to get from place to place was by a quad/ATV. They are readily available to rent all over the island and are not as scary as some may think. I learned to ride them while I was there and became very comfortable after 15 minutes on it.  You can drive the ATVs on the roads, park them in town, plus the cars are pretty cautious around you. You can easily get from beach to beach and see a lot of the island with it. Plus who can complain about filling the tank when it is so cheap?

*Walking in combination with hitchhiking was my second favorite mode of transportation! It was both safe and easy. I would give the people who picked me up a few coins or buy them a coffee as the economy is not so great right now, but it is still cheaper than a bus or taxi anyways.  Bonus experience because you get a chance to meet new people!


4- Affordable Greek Island

Getting to the island can be done easily via flights, bus, or ferry. Depending on how in advance you book and where you will be arriving from, it can be done  affordably. Personally, I found cheap airfare to and from Athens and took the ferry plenty of times into the port in Corfu Town.


corfu town


Once you arrive, the price of accommodation greatly varies. The closer to Corfu Town you are, the pricer it will be. Additionally, there are many nice beachside places you can stay. Airbnb is common around the island and if you can get to a more remote place [using the transportation above] than you will have access to even cheaper accommodations. The price of food and drink is quite affordable compared to much of Europe and far cheaper than the primary tourist Greek islands.  


5- The Greek Culture

The best parts of Corfu are the Greek people and Greek culture. If you allow yourself, you will have a chance to interact with locals and see a glimpse of what Greek lifestyle is really like. Visiting the main tourist filled islands such as Mykonos and Santorini, I was disappointed that most people don’t get to experience Greek culture.


corfu town


Corfu is still a tourist driven island but real Greek people are alongside you in cafes and restaurants. They are happy to interact with you and have coffee with you. I made so many friends on the island and fell in love with the Greek way of life. I hope you give yourself the chance to experience the Greek way of life on your trip to Greece!




Corfu is one of the most life-changing places, my eyes have seen. 

Have you ever heard of the island of Corfu? Let me know in the comments below where YOU would like to go on a trip to Greece?


  1. Beautiful and such informative article you have here 👍🏻

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!

  2. Great post! Greek has been on my Travel wish list for a long time. I’ll definitely keep Corfu in mind. The sunsets seem breathtaking!

    1. Jessica, The sunsets alone make the trip worth it! I hope one day you make it there

  3. Corfu has been on my list of destinations for some time now. It was nice reading about it, and it made me even more curious! I’ll see when I can book a trip to the Greek Island 🙂

    1. Glad I could be of some influence, I hope you make it there!

  4. Love the photo of the sunset <3 looks so beautiful!

    1. Awh, thanks Anna for stopping by!

  5. I visited Corfu 20 years ago. You brought my beautiful memories back. I can still feel the pure and fresh Corfu air. The people were amazing there. I recently visited Zakynthos but I didn’t feel the same the way I felt in Corfu. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Pooja, I think Zakynthos looks beautiful but I agree that the people make Corfu special. Thanks for stopping by <3

  6. I’d love to visit Corfu! I’ve been to Greece before and the food and sea were incredible x

    1. Cristina, on your next trip to Greece you should consider it! I have to agree, I ate my way across Greece! Ha ha, thanks for stopping by <3

  7. Ok, I am sold 🙂 Greece has been on my bucket list for a while now, and I will make sure to visit Corfu! Thank you for the great suggestion.

    1. Greece was life-changing for me, and Corfu was my favorite! Definitely keep it on your list <3

  8. I have been reading about Greece as it is on my travel list. But i had not shortlisted Corfu. Glad I came across your blog. Its helpful. The sunset pics are lovely.

    1. Sonali, Don’t let Corfu slip off your list. It is definitely worth the visit! Thanks for reading x

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