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I am bursting with passion and creativity for life and all that I do. My focus is to demonstrate the value of experiences and to provide inspiration to my readers to create their own meaningful experiences. If there is a project we can collaborate on, let’s chat! I am fresh and open to ideas.  

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Currently Seeking;

Beer & Brewery Experiences: Do you work in the beer industry? Brew your own beer? Frequently talk about beer? Beer is one of my favorite subject areas. I would love to come and chat with you and see what you do. Beer Related Blog Posts

Cannabis Tourism: If you are interested in collaborating on a recreational marijuana project, please reach out to me. I am a cannabis enthusiast and enjoy promoting cannabis tourism. Cannabis Related Blog Posts

Cycle Touring: I love exploring via bicycle. I would like to do another bikepacking trip, have any suggestions for collaboration? Contact me, my first attempt trying a cycle tour didn’t work out. 

International Cooking: Food is the base of every culture. I love cooking almost as much as I love eating, and I aim to do both when I travel. Wether it is a cooking class, or you just enjoy cooking; let’s do something together! Disclaimer, I only eat and cook vegetarian dishes. Cooking Related Blog Posts

Language Immersion: Learning languages is both one of the hardest things I have ever done and one of the most satisfying. I spent three months living in Italy and studying the language. Now, I am ready to try again!

*I am always seeking Freelance Writing and Guest Posting opportunities.*


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