The 10 BEST Experiences I’ve had in Las Vegas

Welcome friends! Are you planning or fantasizing a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada? You are in the right place! Here you can find the tried and true experiences that I have enjoyed in Sin City.

Let me be honest, I have been to Las Vegas more times than I could count. Las Vegas is one of the 10 things I put on my Nevada Bucket List. I’ve noticed many people go off the lame advise to see the Bellagio Fountains and to visit the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas Sign’ as the top things to do in Vegas.  Not that those are bad ideas if that is really what you want to do but there is just SO MUCH MORE to Las Vegas to experience.

Top 10 experiences not to miss in Las Vegas, Nevada; Zipline, Bloody Mary, Dessert, Pizza, Show or Concert, Drinking and getting tipsy, Casino, eat, pool day, and get a tatto or do something crazy!

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There are two different options if you want to Zipline while in Las Vegas; the LINQ on the strip or Slotzilla on Fremont Street.

If you haven’t been to Fremont Street before, it is quite the experience in and of itself. Let me start by saying; it is not for everyone. Fremont Street is the old Las Vegas Strip, I am going to guess not much has been updated since the glory days besides continually adding more flashing lights.

Typically, it is packed full of people. Various street performers try to wow you for your money. To get there, it is about a 20 dollar uber/lyft* ride, which is consistently cheaper than a taxi in Las Vegas. The whole experience is quirky at best and scary at worst. Every time I go to Fremont Street it is for the Slotzilla Zip Line, maybe a drink if I have to wait for my turn, but then I go back to the main strip because I feel uncomfortable. 

***If you are new to Uber or Lyft, put in my code before the first ride for a credit- Uber: taylorj3187ue | Lyft: TAYLOR47064

Slotzilla zip line on fremont street

New to the main strip is the zip line at the LINQ, I am excited to try this one on my next visit! The LINQ is centrally located on the strip and the zip line goes over the small, lively street with bars and restaurants[one of my favorite areas to walk around AND the location of the cupcake ATM as seen in #3.] 

Both zip line locations allow for seated zip line or ‘superman style,’ on your stomach. Being afraid of heights, both options scared the *6!@c^ out of me. However, they were also (obviously) some of the coolest moments to experience in Las Vegas.  A great thrill that allows you to see Las Vegas from above.

zip line fear

2- Bloody Mary Breakfast

Crazy, food-loaded Bloody Marys exist all over the Las Vegas Strip. Whether you are searching for a hangover cure or a boozy breakfast; Vegas is the ultimate place to experience one.

Besides craft beer, a loaded bloody mary is my second drink of choice. I take it with gin instead of vodka for a little more of a ‘spruced up flavor’ [lol at botanical jokes.] Depending on where you are staying, your distance to a bloody mary on the strip is never very far. The trick is to find ones that are as over-the-top as Las Vegas itself! 

Bloody Mary from Seabreeze in Las Vegas

I found mine at Seabreeze in Mandalay Bay: because I was staying there at the hotel. Loaded with fried cauliflower, french fries, fried pickles, a pickled jalapeno, olives, and citrus; this modified-to-be-vegetarian, 17 dollar breakfast hit the spot.

Some of the other popular spots that I have seen on Instagram and had recommended to me are: Guy Fieri’s in the LINQ, Hexx in the Paris,  or The Pub at The Shops at Crystals. 

3- Eat a Sugary Dessert

 Don’t deny your sweet tooth, especially when there are so many delicious options around.

Dessert is everywhere in Las Vegas, but there are some over-the-top, unique ones that you should consider stopping at. The one that was always highest on my list was Black Tap in the Venitian. They have a selection of ENORMOUS, gourmet milkshakes and they are open late. After some serious deliberation, I chose one that comes with an entire piece of cake on top!

black tap shake from the venitian in las vegas 

Another treat that I have enjoyed more times on the strip than I could count are the crepes at La Creperie in the Paris Hotel. While the ambiance is not quite as magical as wandering around the real streets of Paris, France; it is fun to eat a crepe in the Parisian themed streets they have created in the casino. The line to get one is nearly always long but moves quickly. 

Lastly, the other dessert to consider stopping at while wandering the strip is The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM Machine at the LINQ for a fancy cupcake dispensed in seconds. You select the flavor choice you would like, pay, and the camera shows the robotic arm bringing your cupcake down to the dispenser where it slowly opens, revealing your new treat!

springkles atm machine in las vegas

4- Pizza Time

Any pizza is better than no pizza. FACT. Especially after drinking.

 Finding pizza while walking around the strip is actually pretty easy.  In nearly any casino you can find some pizza. Though as soon as I saw pictures of Giordano’s Pizza, I knew that I had to go and eat this cheesy Chicago-PIE style pizza. After you choose which pie you want (we got the veggie and it was delicious,) then you patiently wait.  Upon arrival, you pull that first slice of pizza towards the heavens, with a long string of cheese stretching. Eat, enjoy, and repeat… A cheese-stretch picture is highly recommended! 

pizza in las vegas

Something about pizza pairs well with drunken stumbles, which seems to happen often in Las Vegas. It also saves great for hangover food the next morning too. Pizza is my thing- have other favorites in Las Vegas? Recommend them to me in the comments below!

5- Pick a Show / Concert

Only go to a show if it is something you actually want to see.

There are lots of shows and sources of entertainment in Las Vegas. Some I have loved.. and some I know are not for me. Read about the show prior to booking and make sure it is one that actually interests you for the price. There have been some days where I would rather relax and eat a nice meal than go to a show, or sometimes just take a nap to recharge. Don’t feel like you have to go to a show just because you are in Vegas.

If you have never seen any kind of Cirque du Soleil show, look into these because they are unlike anything else. Even then, the Cirque du Soleil shows range from music themed like The Beatles Love; one of my personal favorites as a Beatles fan, to risque, or family friendly.

Plenty of bands, performers, and comedians come to visit Vegas; check the dates you are there! Some of my other favorite shows have been Broadway musicals, Backstreet Boys concert, or comedians. I have done the male review show of Thunder from Down Under and realized that isn’t my cup of tea but many people enjoy these shows as well.

6- Getting Tipsy

It is far too easy to blow a lot of money on alcoholic beverages in Las Vegas.

When cocktails usually cost 15-20 dollars, and you want to be buzzed.. you have to choose wisely where you want to spend your time and money on drinks. There is something for every drinker in Vegas from old Irish pubs, breweries, speak-easies, sports bars,  dance clubs, pool clubs, ice bars, all the way to random jello shots as you walk around.

My favorite drink ‘hack’ is to go to a liquor store. Total Wine and More is my favorite because they have a killer craft beer selection. You can walk around the strip with drinks of your own and keep liquor in your room to return to and pregame with. This allows you to keep your buzz going and drink what you want, without breaking the bank. 

total wine and more shopping

 My one weakness with drinks in Las Vegas is the alcoholic, frozen drinks that you can get across the strips. Getting a Fat Tuesdays, or really any of the ‘brands’ or slushies, while walking around in the heat is irresistible to me.  Once you get a mug/cup from one place you can continue to go and get it filled there so there are benefits to keeping that Fat Tuesday mug and bringing it back on your next trip to Vegas! 

viva las vegas, alchoholic slusie

7- Wander the Casinos

Regardless of where you happen to stay, exploring the casinos feels like a trip around the world.  

Walking the strip can be a fun way to spend the day or evening (take off those heels for this venture.) My personal favorite area to explore is over by the tram that connects Mandalay Bay, Luxor, and Excalibur then allows you to walk over to New York, as candidly seen las vegas pose

The New York New York is my favorite casino to be around; they have shops that feel like the streets of NYC. A Hershey’s shop and a chocolate bar that boasts chocolate desert martinis to drool over. They have a piano bar, fun casino, the roller coaster, and you can dance on the countertops in the Coyote Ugly bar.  

8- Eat Bomb Food

Las Vegas is a foodies dream; famous chefs, international culture, and luxury. There is something for everyone.

Eating is one of my favorite parts of travel; I like to eat my way around cities and countries. My thighs are my souvenir of the food I have eaten around the world. When it comes to Las Vegas there are two places that must be mentioned. They are both a short uber/lyft* ride off the strip but will be worth the trip.

***If you are new to Uber or Lyft, put in my code before the first ride for a credit- Uber: taylorj3187ue | Lyft: TAYLOR47064

One of the most spiritual experiences is to eat food that elevates your whole being. The Thai restaurant, Lotus of Siam, allowed me to have that kind of dining experience. This is what inspired me to feature Massaman Curry as the Recipe of the Month for May 2019. Their food is authentic to what I ate in Thailand with great Thai Coffee, mango sticky rice, and service. You will have to make a reservation ahead of time typically but well worth it.

lotus of siam curry

Open 24 hours a day, and some of the best Italian food out there; Bootlegger is an old, family-run, from-scratch, Italian restaurant. They often have live music in their dining room, wonderful service, and the food is worth drooling over. The eggplant parmesan I still crave to this day.  

bootlegger in las vegas, eggplant

9- Pool Days Aren’t Overrated

If you happen to be in Las Vegas on a hot day, you will want to be one of two places; at the pool or in the air conditioning.

Sometimes it is easy to overlook a day at the pool on a short trip where you are trying to do lots of different things. Let me be clear; I have never had a bad pool day in Las Vegas. Now, I understand that not everyone loves sunbathing naps to overcome a hangover, or swimming in general but if you enjoy being poolside; allow yourself the luxury of at least one pool day.

bring beer pool hat

 There are plenty of ways to experience a pool day too. You will find me poolside at the hotel where I am staying [Mandalay Bay as pictured] but there are beach clubs, topless pools, adults-only pools, or kid-friendly play pools. Grab some water, a cold beverage, some sunscreen, and a towel and get out there and bask in the desert heat.  

10- Do Something ‘Crazy’

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… only if you have really good friends.

I got my first tattoo on the Las Vegas strip at the age of 17. Sounds pretty crazy, right?

In reality, I wasn’t as much of a crazed teen as it probably sounds. I was on a high school graduation trip with my grandmother, aunt, and mother and I wanted to get my late great-grandmother’s handwriting (and Beatles lyrics) tattooed on my foot. They all went with me. Yes it hurt, and yes I cried [poor tattoo artist- ha ha.] It cost an arm and a leg to get it done in Las Vegas because I went to a tattoo parlor that was trustworthy; Starlight Tattoo in the Mirage.  DO NOT GO TO CHEAP TATTOO SHOPS IN LAS VEGAS. I know people who have received infections from low-quality parlors in Vegas. Getting a tattoo was something fun and crazy to do in Las Vegas, but wait and get one at home if you don’t want to pay twice the money.

Beatles foot tattoo

Doing something crazy might mean something different for everyone. For me, it generally means putting on high heels, makeup, a tutu,  blue wig, or some other weird ensemble outside of my norm.

Maybe for you, it will be experiencing legal recreational cannabis for the first time, going clubbing,  getting a piercing, or gambling. I challenge you to put yourself out there in a way that makes you feel comfortable to really embrace the ‘Sin City’ vibes. 

sin city cowboys

Do any of these activities interest you?

Have you been to Las Vegas? What are your favorite experiences you have had?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Wow looks like you had some fun times in Vegas! I love the idea of a cake ATM. That is exactly where I would be almost on a daily basis as I have such a sweet tooth.

    1. Ha ha, Las Vegas is a wonderful place for people with a sweet tooth. I hope you can make it some time to a cupcake ATM; happy travels Bianca!

  2. I’ve also been to Las Vegas more times than I can count and agree that the fountains and Welcome sign are overrated. I love dining at new places that pop up around town. I haven’t tried Lotus of Siam yet, but I’ve heard really good things. I’m heading down for Memorial weekend and might just have to check it out. And then maybe hang out with the crowds at Freemont!

    1. Go if you can Rachelle- if you love Thai food, it will not disappoint. Hope you are having a lovely time in sin city xx-Taylor

  3. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ..I think in this sin city it is important to do one crazy act which you will forever remember . Your food pics are mind-blowing and tempt me to buy a pizza right away .. Jokes apart great fun post to read ..

    I got to plan a trip to Vegas someday .

    1. Debjani, I agree, I think it is a part of the experience to do some crazy act. Eat some delicious pizza for me, and happy travels!

  4. It looks you had total fun holidays at Las Vegas. Being vegetarian, I loved your food options at Bloody Mary breakfast, sugary dessert at Black tap, veggie pizza at Giordano’s Pizza. Trying out some luck at the casino must also be a fun thing to do here.

    1. Yukti, there is so much vegetarian food available! I hope you can go and try your luck at the casino too. Happy travels!

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