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Best Hostels in the World | Travel Bloggers | unique hostels: north america: Seattle, Washington | Montara, California | south america: mountains barlioche, argentina | Europe: Ljubljana, Slovenia | Rome, Sicily, Italy | Saint Petersburg, Russia | Porto, Portugal | Athens, Greece | Tonsberg, Norway | Stockholm, Sweden | Asia: Chengdu, China | Kandy, Sri Lanka | krabi, Thailand | quy nhon, vietnam | cape town, south africa| oceania: kaikoura, new zealand | sydney, australia


Green Tortoise Hostel | USA | Seattle, Washington

About the Hostel: Organized activities every day (some free, however, if they don’t have at least 3 people for any tour it won’t go which happened twice to me), free local beer on Fridays and Saturdays until it runs out, large amount of storage for luggage under bed, beds have curtains, fans, lights and power outlets. Lots of bathrooms on every floor which include a shower, toilet, and basin in one. Mostly young travelers who want to check out the most of Seattle City. 

Why do you recommend the hostel? LOCATION- literally across the road from the Pike Place Market. 4 and 6-bed dorms (I changed rooms once). Little expensive at $45 a night but worth it for the location

view of seattle washingtonSeattle City, Courtesy of Antipodean Adventurer

Recommendation From: Courtney of Antipodean Adventurer

About Courtney as a Blogger and Traveler: I love sharing my advice, tips and opinion on places I go to help others plan their perfect trips! I am a budget traveler right now but that doesn’t mean I won’t like luxury travel as I get older and make more money 😛

Why do you like to stay in hostels? I am a budget traveler so hostel prices appeal to me. Plus I love meeting other travelers which definitely doesn’t happen in motels and hotels! 

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Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel| USA | Montara, California

About the Hostel: The private beach on the Pacific coast and the hikes around are amazing. Our group cooked meals together and shared with other travelers in the large events room. The lighthouse and hostel grounds are fun for the kids.  I’ve stayed in 4-6 person room it costs about $35 per person per night.

hostel view from kitchen windowView from a kitchen window, Photo courtesy of Story At Every Corner

Recommendation From: Jyoti and Nirmal of Story At Every Corner

About you as blogger and travelers: We are travel loving couple always ready to hit the road. We share stories of people and places with the hope to inspire the love for exploration. We are generally luxury traveler but we’re always up for unique local experiences.

Why do you like to stay in hostels? We don’t usually stay in hostels. I’ve only stayed in two hostels because of their scenic locations near San Francisco. I love the idea of staying in hostels because it’s a great opportunity to meet travelers from around the world with a variety of backgrounds.

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Refugio Otto Meiling | Argentina | [Near] Bariloche

About the hostel: A shared dorm sleeping 60. Mattresses on the floor with your own sleeping bag – really basic with shared bathroom. The hostel has a general room for dining and relaxing. The hostel provides breakfast, evening meals, and packed lunches. Beyond this, the hostel just provides a stunning location for the night.

What made the hostel so great?: This hostel can only be reached on foot and sits at the foot of Cerro Tronador on Glacier Alerce. The scenery is stunning with mountain peaks as far as you can see. At night the sky comes alive with stars. Despite the basic facilities, the surroundings make up for it. It was all people who had trekked to the hostel during the day.  Some taking a few hours others taking all day.  There was a mix of ages, nationalities and walking abilities.  The walk to the hostel was hard but worthwhile.

otto meiling hostel, argentina, in mountainsPhoto of the Hostel, Courtesy of Meandering Wild

Recommendation From: Suzanne Easton of Meandering Wild

About Suzanne as a blogger and traveler: I love to explore wild and remote places.  Getting off the beaten track and photographing remote locations is what drives my blogging.

Why do you like to stay in hostels? I love staying in hostels as it gives you the freedom to explore places that hotels don’t allow.  Shared facilities and basic kitchens are worthwhile when you can explore remote and wild places and meet people that enjoy similarly.

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Gallery Hostel | Portugal | Porto

Why do you recommend this hostel? Located in a beautiful large 19th-century building, this is a luxury hostel with contemporary furnishings. Facilities include a large games room, beautiful library, lots of space to relax include terraces and garden spaces. There is a communal kitchen and bar serving homemade thematic dinners and selected Portuguese wines. All rooms are air-conditioned with free Wi-Fi. There is a 24-hour front desk and a staff can organize free walking tours as well as Porto wine tours. [Shared dorm, £20 per night per person]

What kind of people stayed here? There were mostly young people but a mix of small groups, individuals and couple too, as their private double rooms are lovely.

Porto City, Photo Courtesy of Her Favourite Food

Recommendation From: Snita Pandoria of Her Favourite Food

About Snita as a Traveler & Blogger: I’m a food and travel blogger based in London. My aim is to have foodie adventures around the world and I love visiting cities which are full of great local cuisine, lots of culture and sunshine!

Why do you like to stay in hostels? It’s a great way to make friends from around the world. I’ve made friends for life from my trips!

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Orsa Maggiore Hostel [Women Only]| Italy | Rome [Trastevere]

What makes you recommend this hostel: I really liked that it was very clean. Maids were coming every day to clean the room. I highly appreciated that it’s a very peaceful and quiet place. I was able to walk back to the hostel in the night all by myself in those typical narrow alleys Rome has and I didn’t have to turn around every second to see if someone’s following me. They have free Wifi, well-equipped kitchen, free tea and coffee in the morning, and what I rarely find in hostels: hairdryer. Oh, and there is a restaurant in the courtyard where the hostel guests benefit from a 10% discount.

What kind of people primarily stayed here? As its name says, it’s a place only for woman. Most women in the hostel were young, between 20-35 years, and what I really liked is that 60% of them were all solo female travelers.

Recommendation From: Helga Dosa of ShegoWandering

About Helga as a Blogger & Traveler: I decided to build up a travel blog and make my main goal to discover Italy, making it one of my blog’s niches. I’m mostly solo traveler. I love to travel alone because I’m a very social person and I love to meet new people everywhere I go. If I have to categorize myself regarding budget I would say I’m a ‘middle-budget’ traveler. I like to save on transport and accommodation but I spend more on food & beverage, entertainment and discovery.

Why do you like to stay in hostels?  I love to stay in hostels because it’s more social than a hotel or a B&B. Over my travels, I’ve usually stayed at hostels and I met many people and made some new friends too from all over the world.




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Casa Verdi | Italy | Sicily [Catania]

What made the hostel so great? First of all, the atmosphere and staff. I was never welcomed so nicely, the guy that I checked-in with helped me with my luggage (this never happens at the hostels, really) and showed me around. He answered all my questions, never hesitated to offer something or ask if I need it. Another great thing was the decor and the furniture! I’m such an aesthetics freak and this place was awesome in these terms! The furniture was unmatching, kind of that old-style look, scratched beds, nice cover as if from my grandma…I absolutely loved it and this is the heaven for your hostel-INSTA pictures! [Mixed dorm, 3 beds, below 16€.]

What kind of people primarily stayed here? Some who only stayed there to do their volunteering stay and in exchange for some hours worked they had the accommodation for free. Then, there was an old man who stayed there to write his book and he was amazing to watch, like the daily routine, hard-work he has done and stuff. Then there were many travelers, free-spirits, and artists.

 Recommendation From: Mary of Map Not Found

About Mary’s Blogging & Traveling:  I travel alone so the stories from traveling are often unique, but sometimes the travels are just for my soul so then I do not really have much to write about, because it’s about the feeling that the place gave to me. Anyway, I try my best to become known and have a blog as a side-job, maybe something like that, not for the money but for the sake that someone will read, someone will need my tips, someone will enjoy my writing etc.

Why do you like to stay in hostels? It’s a much cheaper and funnier way to enjoy the place I am in. Basically, I travel alone so meeting new people or making friends that stay at the same room is amazing, and also it gives you a better feeling, that you can cook or find help whenever needed because at the hostels it’s mostly – you check-in, do not destroy anything and then check-out. That’s it.

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Celica Hostel | Slovenia | Ljubljana [Metelkova]

What makes this hostel unique: Celica is a former military prison turned into a hostel. I stayed with my husband in one of their prison cells.They do have dorms as well, but the most authentic experience you have when you sleep in one of their converted cells, which can sleep up to three people. The price depends on the season, but it varies from 22 to 33 euros per person.  Celica was only turned into a hostel in 2000 (actually the first hostel in Ljubljana) when independent artists from all over the world were invited to participate in the project. Each cell is unique and was made by a different artist. *Unfortunately, the place was closed down in December 2017, just after our visit. Read about their visit HERE.

What kind of people primarily stayed here? The travelers staying at Celica were mostly ones interested in off the beaten path and cultural experiences. The hostel is not located right at the city center of Ljubljana, so the people staying there were genuinely interested in learning more about Celica and Metelkova.

 Jail Cell Room at Celia Hostel in Ljubljana, Slovenia Cell Room in Hostel, Courtesy of Monday Feelings

Recommendation From: Fernanda Kiehl of Monday Feelings 

About Fernanda as a Blogger/Traveler: I am a journalist and Tiago [husband] a photographer, we decided to join our expertise with our desire to see other cultures and understand different perspectives and created the Monday Feelings, a place where we talk about off the beaten destinations, adventure travel and sustainable tourism. 

Why do you like to stay in hostels?  Meeting people is a very important part of our travels and hostels usually have very friendly staff and fellow travelers.

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 AthenStyle Hostel | Greece | Athens

What is the hostel like? We are a family of four – two adults and two kids so we chose the ‘studio for four’ room [115 euros per night.] The room had a kitchenette, large closet with safe and a private bathroom. The sleeping arrangements were two queen sized beds in the same room which also had a narrow table with barstools. We had a private room but if you are staying in the dorm you can store your things in lockers while you are out and about sightseeing. There are new, large lockers for keeping your things if you leave to see the islands for a few days. Also has a Rooftop Cafe, Bar & Restaurant – cheap food, drinks and stunning view! 

Why would you recommend this hostel: Overall the number #1 reason to choose the AThenStyle hostel in Athens, Greece is the location. This cool hostel is just off Monastiraki square which is the perfect jumping off point in Athens. We enjoyed getting coffee and pastries there and people watching. You can catch the subway in Monastiraki square and just off the square is great shopping.


Athens, Greece

Natalie in Athens, Photo courtesy of The Educational Tourist

Recommendation From: Natalie Tanner of The Educational Tourist

About Natalie as a traveler & blogger: As a blogger at The Educational Tourist, I write about family travel and tips to make it smooth and easy. My research and writing focus on how to take the kids anywhere the grown-ups want to go by teaching them interesting facts about each destination. I also write travel activity guidebooks just for the kids! Don’t leave home without them! Traveling lets you make wonderful family memories.


Why do you like to stay in hostels?This was our very first hostel stay and we were thrilled to see what all the fuss about hostels is about! The location was perfect and with the amenities, we had everything we needed for our stay. Most of the people who stayed there were young, solo travelers, but that shouldn’t scare off families. We enjoyed the youthful and relaxed vibe along with the posted information about local events and opportunities to explore Athens and Greece at reasonable prices. 

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Tønsberg Vandrerhjem | Norway | Tønsberg

About the hostel: We booked a private room because Tilly [daughter] was only 4 at the time. So we booked a private room and it had two sets of bunk beds. It was a large room with a private bathroom and breakfast was included in the price. The hostel had a kitchen, place to do laundry, dining room and huge garden suitable for kids to play in and you could hire bikes. 

What made the hostel so great?: It was very clean, it was a 5-minute walk from the station and about 20-minute train ride from Oslo Torp airport. The hostel was family friendly, had everything we needed and the staff spoke English.  Read more about her experience HERE.

Breakfast Array, Photo Courtesy of Miss Tilly And Me

Recommendation From: Vicky of Miss Tilly and Me and Tilly’s Travelling Telegram

About Vicky as a Traveler and Blogger: I write about family travel on my travel blog Tillys Travelling Telegram and on Miss Tilly and ME blog, we write about parenting and lifestyle as well as a bit of travel. I have been blogging for 5 years now, so feel like a real old timer, but I love being able to advise people where the best places are to stay and what to do when you visit somewhere different.

Why do you like to stay in hostels? I like that they are often the cheapest way to stay in different places. If we cant find a hostel we usually find a budget brand hotel. Hostels are a great place to meet people that are traveling the same as you are and you have something in common. Hostels are fabulous. 

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Hostel Gamla Stan | Sweden| Stockholm

Why you recommend the hostel: For approximately  94 Euros/night; private room with 2 single beds and non-attached bathroom.  If only the bathrooms were attached, this hostel would be a hotel. I found this hostel amazing because of these reasons:

1) Location: On the road, near to the Royal Palace and other Gamla Stan attractions, facing the waterfront

2) Security: Main door would open only with the unique code

3) Very helpful and friendly staff

4) Breakfast varieties

5) Clean rooms and bathrooms

6)Hot water 24*7

posed in stockholm swedenHiral opposite of Hostel Gamla Stan, Photo courtesy of Traveller By Birth

Recommendation From: Hiral Pandya of Traveller By Birth

 About Hiral as a traveler and blogger; I usually travel with my family, sometimes with a friend. Though I am the travel planner and I have the places fixed in my mind where I want to go, others I explore and I’ve been lucky enough to find places that are unexplored. I love wandering in cities on foot and I am open to every experience that comes across while traveling. I jot down my travel tales on my blog that are inspirational and, hopefully, will make people get up and travel because I think that only traveling and understanding different cultures will broaden minds.

Why do you like to stay in hostels? To be frank, I am more of a bed and breakfast kind of person rather than hostel, but if I find hostels like this one, I would prefer that so that I can have the feel of the place I am staying. Also, when it’s cheap in expensive countries. 

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Baby Lemonade Hostel | Russia | Saint Petersburg 

What made this hostel so great?: The hostel helped us book tickets to attractions before we got there because Russia didn’t take our American credit card. The hostel staff was so nice and accommodating and had no problem helping us with anything. They spoke perfect English (unlike a lot of Russians) which was a huge plus. The hostel was designed in different themes and decades and each room had a special touch. The hostel has a full kitchen and living room that is open to anyone staying at the hostel. You can bring in your own food and cook using anything in their kitchen (oven, fridge, stove, etc.). They also have coffee and water for free. They also have parties at night with free Russian vodka so that you can mingle with everyone there. 

What kind of Room did you stay in and what was the price? Private Family Room (one full-size bed and two twin beds with shared bathroom), $24/night.  

Church of the Savior on Blood, St. Petersburg RussiaChurch of the Savior on Blood, only a10-minute walk from the Hostel. Photo Courtesy of From East to West 

Recommendation From: Rachel Shulman of From East to West 

About Rachel as a Blogger & Traveler:  I specialize in writing detailed, efficient travel guides and itineraries for everywhere around the world focusing on every aspect you need to know while planning a trip and everything to do and see in each spot and how to fit everything in. 

Why do you like to stay in hostels? I always stay in hostel private rooms when they have the option because I don’t always need the amenities of big chain hotels when I’m on the go. If I’m staying for one or two nights in one spot, hostels have everything you need and usually much nicer staff and friendly people. 

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Chengdu Lazybones Hosel Poshpackers | China | Chengdu

Why do you recommend the hostel?The design of the hostel was exceptional in my opinion and it was a very comfortable place to stay for the week we were there for. The thing that made it great was that the hostel attracted a lot of like-minded travelers who we met up with and went on trips to the local area together. I think it was $9 USD a night for the 6-bed room. So, in the bathroom, there was a ‘western’ toilet (which is actually something to consider when booking places to stay in China!) In the hostel itself, there was a pool table, a ukulele, darts, and board games to play with other guests.

What kind of people primarily stayed here? Young travelers mostly. People who wanted to travel around Sichuan, go on towards Tibet, or just wanted to see some pandas.

Recommendation From: Chris of With A Backpack

About Chris and his Blogging & Traveling: With A Backpack is a combination of TEFL or English Teaching tips and advice as well posts from my own personal travels. If you are interested in teaching abroad and making money while traveling – come on over!

Why do you like to stay in hostels? Hostels are often far cheaper than hotels and the standard is usually similar. I honestly believe if I’m not specifically staying in a luxury style hotel (which is rare) I’m better off sticking with a good quality hostel and saving the money. The other reason I like staying in hostels is meeting other guests. When you stay in a hotel you probably won’t even see any of the other guests let alone interact with them.

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The Best Hostel | Sri Lanka| Kandy

About the Hostel: The Best Hostel (not lying, I’m serious! The name of the hostel is “The Best Hostel.”) Free wi-fi, a greaaat breakfast, laundry, lockers, nice common area with a good vibe, clean bathroom and toilets, enough outlets for everyone, good location, awesome staff, flexible check-in/check-out times. Like me, mostly backpackers, long-term travelers, solo travelers stayed here. [4-bed dorm, and it was 4 euros per night.]

What overall made the hostel so great?: Honestly, I would say the staff. They made sure everyone felt comfortable and treated their guests as if they were part of their family!

posed with hostel owner in sri lankaRoobens with Hostel owner, Photo Courtesy of Been Around The World 

Recommendation From: Roobens of Been Around The Globe

About Roobens’ Blogging and Travels:  I’m Roobens, a black travel blogger from France. I’m a solo male traveler, traveling on a budget and writing about my perception of the places I visit as a black man. I also give advice, tips and cultural information about the countries I visit and travel in general.

Why do you like to stay in hostels? I’m a long-term traveler on a budget, I can’t afford to have my own room. Moreover, hostels are great to meet people. It’s definitely not possible in regular hotels.

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Pop-In Hostel | Thailand| Krabi [Ao Nang Beach]

Why do you recommend this hostel? Everything started with having comfy bunk beds with curtains, that offers great privacy. Every evening the hostel offers free barbecue at their outdoor bar. Everyone can get free meat or veggie barbecue sticks and a 50% discount for drinks at their bar. They also do game nights with such games like beer pong, human-sized Jenga etc. Pop-In hostel also offers organized tours of the area, scooter rental etc. [mixed dorm with 8 beds, USD.]

What overall made the hostel so great?: The atmosphere. It’s obvious from the moment you meet staff for the first time that the hostel cares about every smallest detail to make their guest’s experience perfect. So people are having a great time. You can totally feel that in the public areas. Pop-In was awesome for solo travelers as the nightly barbecue really brings everyone together to mingle.It was one of the rare times when all the people staying there were just great. They were mostly long-term travelers, with lots of travel experience and fun stories to share. Everyone had chosen this place for the great atmosphere and super friendly customer service.

Recommendation From: Anete Ilmete of The Travel Leaf

About Anete as a blogger & traveler: We are a full-time travel blogger and photographer team of two Latvians. We like to travel with style, find unique experiences and try different foods while traveling to every country in the world.

Why do you like to stay in hostels? Because it’s great for meeting new people and make friends. My favorite part is hearing other people’s travel stories to get some great ideas for our own future adventures. 




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O.M.E Hostel | Vietnam| Quy Nhon

Why do you recommend the hostel? It has a great space for gathering on the rooftop, good for BBQ or activities. It’s near the sea. And allows pets with no extra charge (the hostel owners have some cats also.) Includes: towels, bidet, slippers, free toiletries, shared bathroom, shower, lockers, free wifi, free parking, free breakfast. [10-bed mixed dorm room,at $5/night/bed]

What kind of people stays here? Many kinds of people: students, backpackers, etc. The reason is it’s cheap (around 5$), and have breakfast so you can save spending. You can find my review HERE.

O.M.E. Hostel front view from the street in vietnamO.M.E. Hostel, Photo Courtesy of The Broad Life

Recommendation From: Khoi Nguyen of The Broad Life

About Khoi as a Traveler and Blogger:  I started blogging to save all of my travel memories to read back one day (maybe when I’m old). Also, want to share my travel to everyone to inspire them to live a more adventurous and exploring life. Depending on the places and who I go with, my travel style is different each time. When I go with my parents, I’d like to go to resorts to relax or city tours, and go with a travel agent. If I go with my friends, I do backpacking.

Why do you like to stay in hostels? Price is cheap especially with the wanderers (me) who always stay outside going around. I simply just need a place to sleep at night and to bathe when I travel.

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Homebase Cape Town Backpackers | South Africa| Cape Town

About the Hostel:  We stayed twice (went back because we loved it so much) double room £43 (per room, per night) & dorm room £13 (per person, per night.) Free breakfast, meals  – cooked by the in-house chef – Linton, rooftop bar/garden, wifi, and kitchen. 

Why do you recommend the hostel? The staff and long-term guests. Dee Dee, the manager, and her team made us feel so welcome. They socialized with their guests, offered advice, planned trips.Long-term guests used this as a base for work, and locals dropped by for drinks as its such a nice location. A mix of ages, and languages. Great central location. Beautiful rooftop view of Lions Head. Lots of themed rooms available.

Recommendation From: Laura Woodfield of Miss on the Move




About Laura as a blogger & traveler: Budget but not party travel – too old for that. Looking for the best quality for the lowest budget. I like to blog about my experiences and observations. Preparing other travelers for what to expect, what to avoid and what to no miss out on.

Why do you like to stay in hostels? Meeting people. Even traveling as a couple, you can get sick of each others company. Here there was always someone to talk to. Travelers who you meet at the hostel usually end up going on days out together, pub crawls, sharing car hires etc.

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Sky Hi Hostel | New Zealand |Kaikoura

About your experience at the hostel: Family room; there was one double bed and one single bed. It cost us $55 (USD) per night. Large shared kitchen and communal living room. Beautiful garden with a hammock. Big TV, lots of DVDs, board games and some toys. 

What made this hostel great?: The host was so friendly, welcoming and made us feel at home. The space is large enough to feel you can cook/eat with other people.  People stayed here because Kaikoura is such a lovely place to visit. A lot of people come to see the whales or visit the seals on the peninsula. We met people from all walks of life, from China, Australia, the UK and across all ages.


Sky Hi Hostel building, New Zealand Sky Hi Hostel, Kaikoura. Courtesy of RTW Families

Recommendation From: Suewan of RTW Families

About Suewan’s Travels and Blogging: We are a family of 3 who has been traveling full time for the past 2 years. Slow travel suits us and we spend between 1-2 months in each place.

Why do you like to stay in hostels? It’s affordable and you can meet new people. We travel as a family so it’s lovely to have new people and playmates for kids to hang out with.


The Funkhouse Backpackers Hostel | Australia|Sydney 
What overall made the hostel so great?:  The people and the atmosphere we created. This was the first hostel I ever stayed in and yet to this day in all the great hostels I’ve stayed in all over the world nothing has even matched the energy and atmosphere that hostel created. With its layout the way it was and the hostel being quite small it packed quite a punch.The hostel itself was quite small set on 3 floors, reception on the ground floor, lounge, kitchen, bathrooms, showers, dorm room on 2 floors and a rooftop social area. [Read Amit’s post about different types of hostels.]


What kind of people primarily stayed here? Even though the hostel was quite small it was primarily a party hostel. However, it didn’t just attract a certain type of backpacker. This hostel was very diverse in its occupants; from young partygoers to quiet travelers, long-termers (a big chunk of us seemed to practically live there) and there were even a few older locals who stayed there.

Group Photo from hostelA group picture of my Funkhouse Family, outside the hostel, Photo Courtesy of Forever Roaming The World 

Recommendation From: Amit of Forever Roaming The World 

About Amit as a blogger & traveler: I’m a long-term, solo, budget traveler and my blogging style reflects that. As a blogger, I like to talk about the things that don’t really get covered in travel blogs, the nitty-gritty, day to day life of traveling and traveling realism rather than just post about things to see and do.

Why do you like to stay in hostels? I’ve stayed in other types of accommodation over the years, but I always keep going back to hostels, it’s where I feel most comfortable. I also like them because of the social aspect of them, as a solo traveler, it’s the best place to meet other travelers yet if you need some time to be alone you’re able to take a step back and be left alone. 

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  7. These hostels sound interesting! I’ve only stayed in three hostels in my life when I was really traveling on a budget and while it’s nice to meet people, I prefer my privacy. But the hostels mentioned here sound very good, especially the one in St. Petersburg and the women’s only hostel in Italy.

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