3 Hostels – 3 Cities – 3 Days [Reviews]

Staying in a hostel is one of the best ways to save money while traveling [especially if traveling solo.]  During my last trip to Ireland I needed to spend a night in Dublin before departing to England. I booked a hostel and decided to make an adventure of it, in the name of blogging:

3 Hostels, 3 Different Cities, in 3 Days.

Dublin, Ireland   –>  Bath, England   –> Brighton, England


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Read Honest Hostel Reviews and Comparisons. From Bath, England | Brighton, England | Dublin, England. The best way to save money and make your budget last is to stay in a hostel. Great for solo travelers. Read this before you plan your trip to the United Kingdom or Ireland. #travel #hostel #europe | The Things My Eyes Have Seen

*This post was not sponsored in any way, the following comparisons are purely relative to my own expectations and past hostel experiences.



Room Type & Price:  At the time of booking I paid €16 / $20 USD for a bed in an 8 Bed mixed-gender dorm room. 

*Note: There are cheaper hostels in Dublin and even cheaper dorm room options in Egali. Read My Hostel Guide to see why I don’t always recommend you book the cheapest option. 

A typical hostel bed at Egali Hostel | Dublin | Ireland here you can read my reviews and comparison of three different hostels in Ireland and England

– Bed 6 was mine for the night! –

Why Egali: I had to depart to the airport at 4:00 AM, my main concern when booking was to find one close to my bus stop. There are 24-hour buses to the Dublin airport from the city center with Aircoach This hostel is a four-minute walk to the O’Connell station. 

Pros of Egali:
  • Breakfast included. I left before breakfast so I cannot attest to the quality but let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy free food, or at least a free coffee?
  • Wifi It reached the rooms and was fast. Need I say more?
  • Reception They had someone available 24/7, this allowed me to check out at 4 am without a problem.
  • Staff Though I didn’t have much interaction, the staff I did meet was very thorough with giving all of the information for your stay. It honestly impressed me; they were friendly and professional.
  • Bed Features The beds have full surrounding curtains to pull, allowing you to block out some of the light. I was on the bottom bunk so this proved effective for me. If you were given a top bunk, you would still be exposed to the ceiling light though. There are also individual reading lights on all of the beds. 
  • Shared Spaces Full kitchen usage available, limited in the middle of the night to just a microwave and refrigerator. There was also a pool table, which I always enjoy!


Egali Hostel in Dublin Ireland | Click to access the full review and comparison to other hostels

 Cons of Egali:
  • Bed Comfort after sleeping for an hour and a half on my side, I woke up to a sore hip. The mattress itself was quite thin and uncomfortable.
  • Security They provide you with a room key to access the hostel and your room, the actual dorm room door was duct taped so no key was needed. This made me feel a bit hesitant about who can come in and out of the room when they please.
  • Smell The smell of cigarette smoke from the smoking section seemed to linger slightly around the hostel from the central smoking area. I didn’t notice the smell at first, but my nostrils stung immediately. 
  • Charging There was only one electronic strip in the whole room.  I didn’t feel comfortable leaving my phone plugged in across the room while I slept at night [read my hostel guide to see how I deal with this issue.]
  • Linens Egali gives you linens at check-in and expects you to return them with you at check out. This is not uncommon in hostels, but it was a bit of an annoyance to quietly strip my bed at 3:30 am in the dark.
  • Card Fee A  €5 cash-only deposit is expected on check-in to receive your key. You will get it back upon checkout. 
  • Bathroom Situation The room had its own en-suite, I generally prefer to use hostels with shared facilities [Read the Hostel Guide to see why.] In addition, there is one shared hostel bathroom with two shower stalls, one female toilet stall, and one male toilet stall. The female stall didn’t have a locking mechanism. The overall cleanliness of the en-suite toilet was a bit disappointing. I feel that it needed a good deep clean with some bleach!

Dueces at Egali Hostel in Dublin Ireland | Hostel Life | Full review on my blog

– En-suite bathroom –

Overall Impression:

I wasn’t impressed with Egali. It was fine, it really wasn’t bad for the price and location. However, it should be noted that there are plenty of comparable hostels in Dublin. The guests were primarily young but there were people of all ages in my room from all around the world. The hostel was loud and lively until about 10 but then people went out to pubs or retired to bed as the hostel quieted down. While it does have some great features for the price, it was not nice enough for me to exclusively book there next time I am in Dublin.

Would I stay there again? Eh, Sure. Will I next time I’m in Dublin? Probably Not.



Room Type & Price:  At the time of booking I paid  £12 / $17 USD for a bed in a 12 bed mixed-gender dorm room. 

St Christopher's Inn | Hostel | Bath | England | Dorm Room | Review @The Things My Eyes Have Seen

-I was lucky, sharing the room with only 3 other people. –

Why St. Christopher’s Inn:  When I was looking for a hostel in Bath, this one had great reviews and was close enough to walk around the entire city.  Plus it was a great deal and fit my budget, it seemed like a great fit for my stay!

Pros of St. Christopher’s Inn:
  • Location There is a large supermarket across the street and it is central to all locations you would want to visit in Bath. Surrounded by medieval-style, narrow streets that are lined with shops and cafes.
  • Bathrooms The female shared bathroom was nice and clean. There are four shower stalls and four toilet stalls, they all were in prime and optimum condition, some of the best I have ever experienced in a hostel. 
  • Comfortable The mattress was surprisingly comfortable and the bedding was warm. I honestly got a great night of sleep here!
  • Wifi Fast and consistent. 
  • Atmosphere It is considered a party hostel but since there is a pub/reception downstairs that is where people hang out rather than near the rooms. It made for a quieter hostel since it is in a separate building. The next day I heard that people were rowdy and had a good time the night before but I didn’t actually hear any of it!  And in case you do, they will provide you with free earplugs. 
  • Luggage  Storage Coin operated but cheap, this made me feel ok about leaving my laptop and everything behind while I went out to explore before check-in. Many hostels allow you to leave your bags while the staff watches it, but this felt more secure.
  • Breakfast Free breakfast but ONLY WHEN YOU BOOK DIRECTLY WITH THEM [not with a third party website.] It is nothing to get excited about; coffee, tea, cereal, toast, yogurt, and fruit.  I wouldn’t have paid extra for it but it is one of the benefits of booking directly with a hostel for the same price [read other benefits of booking directly with a hostel HERE.]
  • Charging There is an electronic station on the wall at every bed with a USB port, an outlet, and even a light for your bed. This really impressed me, I have never seen anything like this at a hostel.


St Christopher's Hostel in Bath England | The Things My Eyes Have Seen

Cons of St. Christopher’s Inn:
  • Staff While the staff were friendly and helpful when asked, they seemed to be more focused on partying.  It is all they talked about with each other and it got explicit. I was only there for one day and not in the party mood, I just kept to myself.
  • Food Expenses There is no kitchen to use and no food allowed in the rooms, this limits your options but is not a deal breaker since they have the restaurant/pub downstairs where you get discounts.
Overall Impression:

I loved visiting Bath and I enjoyed staying in the hostel.  It is one of my favorite hostels I have been to. The price is great, the hostel is clean and well cared for, and you can have either a quiet or party kind of experience while staying there. There were all ages of people here and a good sense of community. 

Would I stay there again? YES! Will I next time I’m in Bath? Yes and for longer.



Room Type & Price:  At the time of booking I paid  £13 / $18.50 USD for a bed in a 4 bed mixed-gender dorm room. 

Seadragon Backpackers Hostel | Brighton | England | The Things My Eyes Have Seen


Why Seadragon Backpackers:  The price for a four-bed dorm room is great and it is close to the seaside. The hostel has beautiful natural lighting and seemed like a good place to call home for the night. 

Pros of Seadragon Backpackers:
  • Bathrooms There are two rooms per floor and a bathroom on each level as well. They were spacious with a shower, toilet, and sink.  You could use any that were open. 
  • Atmosphere One of the most quaint hostels I have stayed in, it really feels comfortable and like home. The entire feeling of the hostel is what a hostel should be; community, resources, smiles, and comfort. 
  • Breakfast I left too early to enjoy the breakfast but they stocked the coffee and tea for any time. I hear they had eggs available which are a rare breakfast fare in cheap hostels. 
  • Staff You cannot talk about this place and not talk about the two brothers running it. Truly make an effort to connect with you and make your stay great! Absolutely world class!
  • Kitchen  The fully equipped kitchen and spices made me wish I could stay longer to cook in here. The refrigerator is free to use and there is a quaint dining area as well. 

Seadragon Backpackers Hostel | Brighton | England | @ The Things My Eyes Have Seen Kitchen to save money while traveling

Cons of Seadragon Backpackers:
  • Wifi If it weren’t for this, I would say it may be a PERFECT hostel. My room was on the third floor and the Wifi didn’t travel well up there. I used it on my laptop in the lounge but when I went to the room, it was too slow to use.
    Overall Impression:

    This hostel made me feel comfortable, safe, and happy. Even with the wifi, I would have happily stayed longer. Many of the guests were staying for long periods of time because they enjoyed it as well. 

    Would I stay there again? YES! Will I next time I’m in Brighton? Yes!


 Let me know below if you have stayed in a great hostel in Ireland or England.

As always, thanks for reading. Happy travels!

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  3. I’ve had the chance in my life to start making a big salary at a young ago, so any time I traveled I have traveled in luxury. I sometimes feel like I have missed out on so many adventures by not having tried hostels and backpacking.. How old is too old to try??

    Em @14daysof — http://www.zebrasuitcase.com

    1. Em, I think you are NEVER too old. Plus there are even more luxury style hostels to backpacking style. There is truly something for everyone! Happy travels xx

  4. I’ve been considering a trip to Brighton and this hostel looks great! I’ll have to keep it in mind for if I end up going!

    1. Debbie, I had a GREAT time in Brighton. I hope you can make it soon! Cheers & Happy Travels!

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